STG Wrap-up: 28 Nov 2014

Hi All

01 week to Western Sydney 70.3
02 weeks to Ironman WA
06 weeks to Jilndabyne Training Camp
13 weeks to Huskisson Long Course
15 weeks to Three Peaks

Programs are updated in Training Peaks for those  monthly plans.

Friday morning

Good luck to everyone racing in the Western Sydney 70.3 this Sunday.  There is a big crew heading out to race and plenty are in good form, having set this as an A race so I think we’re going to see some cracking times.


Huskisson Long Course Program starts next week

For those who have signed up to Huskisson Long Course which is a lot of you, the STG program will start next week.  You have 12 weeks to go after this week which is plenty of time to get yourself race fit if you’re focussed (and don’t go off the rails over Christmas!)

If you would like me to apply this program to your Training Peaks calendar please let me know.


Gear Order

The plan is to place a gear order in the next week or two so it arrives in time for Husky.  We need 10 garments ordered to get it underway so if you missed out on the last order or want some more of the fantastic new gear get your order form in ASAP.

The pricing list and information sheet can be found in my Facebook post from Friday 28 November.  Please email me your orders.


STG Triathlon Championships update

The commentary below is based on results up to Noosa and Husky OD.

Please note that if you have an upward pointing arrow by your name you are currently not eligible for the “Champion” title (or prizes) due to you not being a member of STG Triathlon Club so if you want to be in the running, please join the club when you join Triathlon Australia.

Since our last update nothing much has changed.  In the ladies comp last year’s champ Alex Rudge is still leading the way on 2355 points (2 race completed – 1178 average score) and Faith Geraghty is holding on to her second spot (1148 points – 1 race completed). Ciara Lui who we understand is doing her first Ironman in Port Macquarie next year (very exciting) remains in 3rd spot (1076 points – 1 race completed) followed closely by Anna Wilcox (1026 points – 1 race completed) and Natalie Peters (1006 points – 1 race completed) who has moved into 5th spot following Noosa racing.

On the men’s front Gary Maher has moved into first place following his excellent result at Noosa (2287 points –2 races-1143 average) and he is followed by Matt Birch (2064 points-2 races-1032 average) who we haven’t seen this high up the leader board for a while and last year’s champ Steve Ellis, who currently has the highest race points average (1167 points–1 race completed).  It’s only early days though and the men’s comp is looking likes it’s going to be a close one with plenty of other lads capable of breaking into the top 3 before season’s end.

If you are not familiar with the rules, here is a link to a page on the website which explains everything:

Here is a link to the updated eligible race list calendar:


How trying to Glide Harms your Catch

Below is an excellent article on how a slow stroke rate and over gliding harms your catch.  Make sure you also watch the you tube video in the second to last paragraph of the article.


Race Results

Only one race since we last reported.

Coogee – Wedding Cake Island Swim (2.4km)

Name Time
Will Walker 38:35
Marcello Mazza 43:26
Gareth Chang 43:47
Gary Maher 48:15
Nathan Bellgrove 49:33
Phil Cameron 52:26
Faith Geraghty 53:02
Anna Wilcox 55:05
Nick Mercer 59:06
Daniel Buttard 60:04


See you at training