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Training Passes & Prices

We believe that results are achieved through smart planning, hard work and consistency. STG has been helping triathletes of all levels get the very best out of themselves since the year 2000 though tried and tested training methods and in a friendly, professional environment. We have a training option to suit every athlete.

STG Training Packages (per calendar month)

Sydney Triathlon Group in partnership with Head Coach Sam Douglas (refer Coaching) offers 9 professionally coached sessions per week (see our timetable) and associated training services


Performance Unlimited


All Sessions Unlimited



Single Sport Unlimited



For athletes of any level who requires personalised feedback, programs and advice. This Pass gives athletes access to all STG sessions and a coach who will work beside you to achieve your personal goals.

A coach will tailor a program (in Training Peaks) that is based around your time availabilities and lifestyle.

Not just for triathletes this pass is also available to swimmers, cyclists,  runners and multisporters.

This service is for people who want to go faster, have their data (HR, Power etc) analysed and adjusted to get the best out of the time they have available.

This is for the athletes who are serious about improving with access to all STG squad sessions and a standard Training Peaks training plan.

All sessions are run by a professional coach and based around a common goal  – becoming better, smarter, faster triathletes.

This pass includes 3 swim sessions, 3 runs + a brick session, and 3 rides + a brick session.

These sessions are specific and have guidance, technique and tips all built in.


Single sport unlimited squad monthly (Swim, Bike or Run)

For the athlete who wants to keep it simple, this pass allows single discipline athletes access to the clubs weekly sessions

4 bike sessions inc. brick for cyclists looking to increase power output

3 swim sessions for swimmers looking to get more efficient in the water

3 run sessions for runners looking to PB at their next event

Access to coached Squad sessions

*3-4 sessions

Training Peaks Squad Program


Individual training program in TRAINING PEAKS & feedback



Individual training zones calculated i.e. heart rate, run pacing, cycle power zones, swim pacing



Number of squad sessions you can attend in a calendar month

unlimited – 9 Sessions per week

unlimited – 9 Sessions per week

unlimited – 3-4 Sessions per week

Monthly Price (including GST)





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 ** $10 Casual Passes ($20 for swim session)  are available for all scheduled Swim, Run, Bike and Brick STG sessions with our professional triathlon coach. 

STG Annual Membership

STG and Triathlon Australia (TA) Membership is compulsory for all people training regularly with the club and comes with multiple benefits including insurance to cover you racing and training. Please purchase annual membership for both STG and TA together via the Triathlon NSW website.

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