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Swimming Squad Code of Ethics

  • Overtaking swimmers is not to be done within the flagged areas (5m) before the walls. This by no means is to be taken as meaning you can’t overtake your fellow swimmers in the pool. Overtaking is a standard practice and often necessary in the swimming pool but it must be done safely and efficiently.
  • When you overtake a slower swimmer you should do so directly on the centre line and with accelerated pace (much as you would do when overtaking on a single lane highway in your car). Give the slower swimmer a few decent taps on the feet so they are aware of your intentions. Try to be out and around the other swimmer as quickly as possible. If you are the swimmer being tapped please make it easy for the swimmer behind to get past you by staying to the outside of the lane and washing off some speed to allow this to happen with ease.
  • Always swim as close to the lane rope as is practicable or wall in the case of lane 1 or 8 and leave the centre line free.
  • Use your head up sighting skills (head up drill) prior to and during your overtaking move so you can see on coming swimmers and avoid collision.
  • Always leave space between yourself and the swimmer in front when leaving on the beginning of a cycle. Use the clock and give them a 10 second start. If you continuously catch them then at the end of the desired laps, swap positions and go in front. Always use the clock (even if you have no intention of actually timing yourselves)
  • Arrange yourselves in order of fastest to slowest swimmer at the beginning of each set.
  • Above all be courteous to each other. You all train together and know each other reasonably to very well. When we go out on long rides we work together so that we stay safe and enjoy the ride. The same principle should apply when we do swim sessions together. If a new swimmer joins the group, help them to understand ‘our way’ of doing things as the coach can’t be everywhere at once. Self manage your lane.

These rules won’t cover every situation that arises at swim squads. If the coach asks you to do something that you don’t necessarily understand or agree with, please carry out the request and if you have any queries come and discuss it with us at the end of the session. Remember, we are trying to make the session more enjoyable for the whole group, including you.