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Swimming for Beginners

Considered the most feared of the triathlon disciplines, the thought of swimming in open water is the most common reason people put off entering their first triathlon. Apart from common deep-water and immersion fears, an inefficient technique means that many will fatigue quickly when attempting to swim longer distances. Learning to move efficiently through the denser medium of water, compared to air, demands a far greater technical approach than riding or running.

At STG we understand that in order to grow confidence in water and improve your stroke, strength and fitness you need a managed and supervised approach that pays as much attention to technique as it does to swim fitness.

Through a structured and varied program that begins with the basics, STG has helped many transform from absolute beginners who struggle to complete a 50m length to competitive swimmers in a very short time frame.

So what are you waiting for? Dive in.

Contact one of our coaches to discuss how we can help you achieve your swimming goals.