NEXT COURSE STARTS 14 February 2015!

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The speed at which you travel through the water is in large part determined, not by fitness (although this is important) but by the efficiency of your hand and leg movements in the water and the amount you can reduce resistive force.

In other words, to be a great swimmer you need to have great technique!

From a triathlon perspective, being a technically sound, fit swimmer will not only lead to a good swim time, it will also mean you not are exhausted by the time you get on the bike.

With this in mind STG has developed a swim technique course over four 1.5 hour sessions which will cover all aspects of the freestyle swim stroke in a way that will be easy for everyone to understand. No swim clocks or time trials to worry about – the focus will be purely technique.

You will also be GO PRO videoed above and below the water as visual feedback is vital for improvement.

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