What a great weekend on 16-17 February shared by STG members, their friends and families. Shaun and I were genuinely impressed with your times compared to previous years, indicating that the training group as a whole is increasing in fitness, experience and ability. Special mentions go out to short course specialist Nick Glozier who came second in his age group, the guy who beat him (who happens to be an ex-world champion) came 2nd overall so a very impressive performance by Nick. Marijn Kamp had a great race achieving a top 20 position which is incredible considering she only started the sport this season, she will only get better. Shelley Maxwell-Smith is showing the fruits of hard work placing 10th helped along by a greatly improved swim leg, I watched her come in back of the pack last year but finished in the front half of her start this year!!

husky_dIn the Long Course race we had the biggest field entering that I can remember, great to see so many STG colours on course and such a strong support crew helping everyone along. Steve Ellis took out honours this year running Nathan Bellgrove down with a lightning 1:21 run split, but Nathan gets the glory for the quickest bike split 2:13:53 averaging over 37kmh for 83km!! Great effort from Simon Hatlee who took 2nd place within STG helped by a 30:00 min swim. However swim honours go to Adam Lareau who just edged out Gareth Rydon with a smooth 29:36 min split.

Faith Geraghty took out female honours with a very strong performance, Fran Boase surprised (only) herself with a sub 5 hour result in an event she once swore blind never to enter but as it turned out quite enjoyed herself. I know there were a few of you doing this event for the first time and it may have felt like the biggest thing you’d ever do, much of that ‘big event syndrome’ is simply nerves and the fact that you did the required volume of training means that you were fit enough to finish the event working within your effort range, if you do decide to do it again I assure you the next time will be far easier as a result of being calmer pre-race.