17th March 2014

Shelley and Deb enjoying the Incredible sunrise that accompanied our Wednesday swim session last week

1 week to Ironman Melbourne

1 week to Kurnell Sprint Race 4

3 weeks to NSW Club Champs

7 weeks to Busselton 70.3

7 weeks to Ironman Australia

12 weeks to Ironman Cairns and 70.3

Hi team,

Apologies for the lack of communication since the last update.

Huskisson Tri Festival

Congratulations to all those who raced in Huskisson a few weekends ago as well as those in Wollongong last weekend. There were some great results at both events, more on that below.

For anyone who missed Huskisson, if you haven’t been before then think about it for 2015, it’s a popular event with STG so plenty of support on offer and it never fails as a great weekend away, it’s only 2-3hrs drive from Sydney and is easily one of the best tri-festivals on the calendar.

Apart from triathlons of varying distances, there is an ocean swim and a 5km. Also a 10km run in which STG stalwart Bruce Flaherty won the 60-69 category in a lightning quick 46:23, congratulations Bruce!

Gareth thumbs up
Gareth is back and on form

In the sprint triathlon congratulations go to our seemingly regular podium finisher Alex Rudge placing 2nd in her category. Also a great result for Dean Ormston who appears to defy standard training convention by finishing in the top 10 of his age group without much training, I should add that Deano has been doing triathlon since some members were in nappies so best not try this at home until you too have 12 years of racing notched in your race-belt.

And finally to the long course where we had one of the largest participations ever and so many PB’s. Special mention to Steve Ellis who was the fastest STG’er and 20th in his very competitive age group. Steve managed to run down Marcello Mazza just before the finish chute. Interestingly Marcello had earlier fallen foul of the drafting police and copped a 5 minute penalty on the bike course. Steve’s dad Bryan Ellis placed 2nd in his age-group with another strong performance from the international.

Well done also to Francesca Boase and Amelia Maxwell for finishing under the challenging milestone of 5 hours, Millie finished 8th in her category and I’m fairly certain we’ll see more great results from her in the future.

Bryan Ellis
Bryan shows us all how it’s done

Wollongong Sprint and OD

Another weekend another race! This one in the Gong last Sunday where Alex Rudge once again climbed the podium in 3rd place having had, by her account, a disastrous race. Nick Glozier also did well finishing in 4th place and Gary Maher mirrored Nick’s exact finishing time yet finished slightly further down in the more competitive 30-34 age group. A very strong performance from Dani Barclay in her first attempt at Olympic distance saw her into 7th place and a strong showing from up-and-comer Jeremy Foote who’s working his way towards 70.3 in Busselton.

Fran, Faith, Daniel and Marcello enjoying the race afterglow, Huskisson

Results for races

Please let me know if I’ve missed anyone out.

Huskisson Swim Challenge

Nick Cunningham 0:18:13 40-49 (9) Male (39)

Huskisson Fun Run

Bruce Flaherty 0:46:23 60-69 (1) Male (19)

Huskisson Sprint

<insert results table>

Huskisson Long Course

<insert results table>


<insert results table>

Wollongong Olympic

<insert results table>

Wollongong Sprint

<insert results table>

3 Peaks Challenge

Finally congratulations to team STG who all successfully completed the grueling 235km 3 Peaks Challenge ride from Falls Creek in Victoria within the 13 hour cut off time. This is now recognized as one of the top 10 single day rides in the world and I highly recommend tackling it in 2015 if you like a big challenge and are undaunted by long steep climbs. If you’re interested take a peak at the video from the day to get a feel for the event.

The following results have been sorted by total climbing time, which is only fair.

<insert results table>

Best of luck to those competing at Challenge Batemans Bay this weekend. And to Faith Geraghty who’ll be riding 500km between Dubbo and Wagga Wagga over 3 days for the Far West Children’s charity. If you’d like to support Faith please visit her fundraising page. Don’t forget to pack the chamois cream Faith!

STG Ride Across the Alps – 13-21 September 2014

STG’s first overseas adventure. The spectacular route takes in many of the famous tour climbs in what will be the trip of a lifetime. Further details can be found on the STG website, a brochure with full itinerary is also available on request.

STG Club Championships Table

The latest version of the STG championship table has been updated to include results from Husky, however not Wollongong as yet. The table can be seen here.


Product of the Week

Shammy CreamChamois Cream, Assos or any other recognised brand, smear it over your nether regions and you will thankfully forget all about them on those 235km alpine rides.


Sydney Training Weather

A few showers and storms possible in the afternoons over the weekend and more showers later in the week yet lengthy periods of bright sunshine and temps mid to high twenties.

Sunrise: 06:51 (first light 6:26)

Sunset: 19:18 (last light 19:43)

Bondi Water Temp: Sultry 21 degrees


See you at training.

Jeff Sapier

Head Coach


10th February  2014


IMG_510004 weeks to Three Peaks Challenge

04 weeks to Wollongong OD

06 weeks to Kurnell Sprint Race 4

06 weeks to Ironman Melbourne

06 weeks to Ironman Australia


Hi team,

My sincere apologies for the unscheduled hiatus of the weekly wrap-up. My initial plan was just to break over Christmas and New Year, but then January and the training camp just got the better of me and …well here we are mid February, the middle of the triathlon season, with much to talk about, so expect plenty of content over the next few installments of the wrap.

This week’s edition includes recent race results, STG Club Championship table update and a special results vs TT analysis tool, which can benefit everyone with upcoming races. We also have contributions from some of our members who competed in Huskisson last year, so enjoy!

Caths Gold

Cathy’s gold medal

But first the very exciting news of STG podium finishes in Race 3 of the Sydney Sprint Series at Kurnell last weekend. Congratulations to Cathy Verry who took 1st place in her age group, Alex Rudge who came 2nd in hers and very impressively 10th female overall. While Simon Hatlee put in a great race to improve on his best time and placed 7th. Very importantly, from my perspective, no drafting penalties were handed out to anyone in an STG race kit!



Recent Race Results:

Kurnell Sprint Race 3







Simon HATLEE (567)


35-39  (7)

Male  (45)




Alex RUDGE (683)


30-34  (2)

Female  (10)




Jeremy FOOTE (558)


35-39  (25)

Male  (134)




Cathy VERRY (133)


60-64  (1)

Female  (88)





Kurnell Sprint Race 2







Simon HATLEE (268)


35-39  (9) Male  (46)




Gareth RYDON (448)


30-34  (6) Male  (23)




Jeremy FOOTE (259)


35-39  (23) Male  (108)





Auckland 70.3








Catherine VERRY (1113)


6064  (3)






Apologies if we’ve missed anyone out, please email me to let me know your results and we’ll include next wrap-up.

STG Club Championships

A big welcome to new members who have joined us over the summer, this might be a good opportunity to explain about how the STG club championships work.

At the start of every season we create a list of qualifying races based on the most popular events with STG members. This season’s list can be found here. Make sure you let us know which races you’ve entered so you can be part of the competition. The list is sent out each week as part of the general program to all members who pay Squad Program level (previously called Monthly Unlimited). If you’re unsure whether we have all your races then just email them to me at Jeff@stgfitness.com.au. It’s also important that you select ‘Sydney Triathlon Group’ if available in the club drop-down list, when you enter a race.

DSCF2131Our hard working data-elf a.k.a. Nicola Harrison will look up your results after each race and calculate your club points by dividing the median time for your age-group by your time. Multiplying this value by 1000 is your club points for that race. At the end of the season the members with the best average from 4 qualifying races will become male or female club champion. We also award the runners up and the most improved members at the end of season party. There are some other eligibility criteria which can be found here. Importantly, competing at NSW Club Championships (see below) counts as two races

STG Club Championships Table Update

We’re proud to present the latest version of the STG Club Championship table for 2013/14 season. These results include all qualifying races up to Kurnell 2 and Auckland 70.3 but not Kurnell Race 3. The latest competition table can be viewed here.

We have a new leader in the women’s field, Cathy Verry is in hot form after her season opener at Ironman World Champs in Kona. Cathy is on 4,077 points from 5 races and I imagine this might increase further after her first placing at Kurnell Race 3 last weekend. Hot on her tail is our current club champion Faith Geraghty who will add to her total of 3,297 from 3 races when she competes in the Long Course race at Huskisson in 2 weeks time. In 3rd place and ever threatening is Alex Rudge who might also improve her position after a great result at Kurnell Race 3. Just behind the leaders and very much in contention with races to come are Fran Boase (2,145 from 2 races), Dani Barclay (2,033 from 2 races) and the in-form Shelley Maxwell-Smith (1,969 from 2 races).

In the men’s field brand new dad Gareth Rydon sits atop the table on 4,659 from 4 races, Gareth however still needs to meet remaining qualifying criteria to be in contention this season. Daniel Buttard who was in first place last update, remains in a strong 2nd place with 3,838 from 4 races. In third place is last year’s most improved athlete Simon Hatlee who may shake things up next update after a strong performance at Kurnell Race 3. Not far off these three is Simon Duffy (3,052 from 3 races) and current club champion Steve Ellis (2,377 from 2 races). Steve also has the highest average so should be taken as a serious contender for the top prize if he continues his good racing form at Huskisson and Ironman Australia.

Triathlon NSW Club Championships – Registration Open

This is another type of Club Championships where all affiliated state triathlon clubs compete as a team against each other. Club Champs is held in Forster in April each year and is always a fun race and great weekend away with your fellow members and their families.

Club Champs 2014 is now open for registration and we hope to have another big contingent joining the STG team this year. Club points are awarded for all who participate in the race as well as anyone who can volunteer to help run the event, so your friends and family can also help our club gain points. Additional points are awarded for those who place well in their age-group.

And for further incentive this race counts for double points in the STG Club Championships competition. For more information about the race please see the post on the STG Facebook page. Accommodation in Forster will also be arranged for members and guests, more details about this will be announced shortly.

Race Results vs TT Analysis

Leading into Huskisson Tri Festival I thought it would be a good time to discuss analytics. This table (click the link to open) shows all the results from Noosa OD 2013 measured against time trial results for each discipline. Shaun has produced this type of elemental analysis in the past and I’ve always found it extremely insightful and terrific for developing pacing strategy for upcoming races.

In the table we’ve compared your race results with your time trial results. In Olympic distance, in this case Noosa, the performance percentage to time trial should be around 87-93%, and we see this trend reflected in the medians for swimming and cycling where the Olympic distance represents approximately 150% of STG TT distances. Running distance however is 200% of our 5km TT, so you’ll see that run times are slightly lower averaging around 85%.  If we look at Steve Ellis’s results in particular we see swim 95%, ride 92% and run 90%. Steve is one of the more experienced athletes among us so he has learnt to optimize his pacing on the bike so he can achieve his full potential on the run. Still we can assume from this comparison that Steve would have been quite pleased with his performance at Noosa.

Naturally with this comparison, variations occur and these can be attributed to a number of factors;

  1. I’ve used TT results current to end last year where available, i.e. closest to Noosa race. If you hadn’t done a TT in a while before the race then the comparison may be less accurate. If your % is high then it might be good for you to compare with your recent TT from last weekend. Nicola and Gary for example swam 1.5km at a faster pace than they did for 1km in the pool (salt water buoyancy is more than nullified by the push-off the wall in the pool).
  2. Environmental factors such as wind on the bike or heat on the run may retard results. However this should be across the board so you can still compare your time with the median.
  3. Having your brake pads stuck on the entire cycle leg might produce a low comparison, I’d say at a rough estimate, 72%.

Otherwise it’s a very good tool to use in judging your performance on race day and for estimating a target race pace for upcoming races. For those who competed, if you are at the lower end it might indicate you are lacking endurance so you might increase your training volumes and focus on achieving more long rides and runs. If you are at the higher end on the bike and had a poor run it might indicate you pushed too hard on the ride.

I’ve also included the King of the Hill results, one because it’s a very cool and unique Noosa measurement and two, because it gives us an indication of how well we paced the climb. Alex & Fran for instance smashed out 6th & 10th place respectively on the hill yet came home off the bike in 101h and 15th place. While they’re both good climbers, they may have bought some time if they’d paced the hill and instead utilized that energy more for the flat section of the course. It might also be prudent of them to train more on flat sections of road to become better at that.

For 70.3 or Long Course distances, the percentages for cycle would be slightly lower, around 81-83%. So for those about to embark on Huskisson Long Course, you might estimate a best-case target average speed by calculating 83% of your recent average cycle TT pace. And looking at past Husky comparisons I suggest run pacing should also be around 82% of TT.

Those doing the shorter form Husky or Kurnell sprint races might look to target 90-95% for both ride and run pace. For the 750m sprint swim your pace should be very close to your 1km TT time. Swim time prediction is less accurate for swimming due to course discrepancies, buoyancy of wetsuits, currents and the long run to transition.

We will do another of these comparison tables for the Huskisson race towards the end of February. Note the next run timetrial will be held at our track session this weekend so all those racing Huskisson should attend if possible.


After last years Huskisson Long Course race, I invited members to share their experiences. Here’s a sample of the responses I received;

I’m glad to say I had a great first long course! And I think it all came down to listening to experienced STG’ers – “just follow the program” and “nutrition!”. It’s taken me about 4 years to get here but with all the encouragement and support of long course STG’ers, it’s been awesome, all the way! And I finally really understand the whole “enjoy it” thing – I did, very much, although I can’t believe I was palm-slapping supporters, embarrassing!

Denise Periera on her first attempt at Long Course distance.

Best Bits; Putting in the training kept me strong and confident throughout the race. Felt well within myself the whole way, though sitting down to pull my runners on was probably a mistake. Barring a flat there was no way I’d DNF. Only in discomfort for the last couple of kms in the midday heat, which suggests I could have gone at it on the bike a bit more. I’d never even run 20km before Sunday, never mind the swim/bike warm-up.

And the STG cheer squad on the day, particularly the guys who weren’t competing but stuck around for the whole race anyway. The massed ranks of the Red and Black army at the finish, and all the guys you pass on the run. Mind you I hi-fived Will coming the other way and nearly broke my wrist. There were a few guys settled in on the course shouting for us as well. Some of the Bondifit boys barracked for us too (didn’t hear any Brats though).

Nick Richardson on his first Husky LC

 Husky 2012 – Complete and utter disaster, driven by:

o   Had a cold a few weeks out but didn’t scale back on the intensity

o   No race plan – the plan was to race as hard as I could for as long as I could… that cam unstuck 60kms into the ride

o   I thought I could get away with no nutrition plan and race as hard as I could

o   Not racing to the conditions, was very hot last year (being in the second tranche)

o   I was completely under done on the bike I thought I could achieve more than where my fitness was at

o   Didn’t do any races in the lead up to test the fitness

Husky 2013 – The 38min PB was driven by:

o   Had a cold a few weeks out and scaled back the intensity while keeping the km’s ticking over

o   Tried and tested nutrition plan – I knew very early on in the season what I was going to use and how, and stuck to that plan

o   Racing a couple weeks out was great – I knew exactly where the fitness levels were and could adjust my race accordingly

o   Trusted the training that I had been doing – I knew I was strong on the bike but held back slightly so that I didn’t overcook and left plenty in the tank for the run

o   Didn’t get caught up in trying to race others and made a conscious effort to pull back when I wasn’t feeling well

Things to work on for the race in future – What the hell do you do when a large pack catches you and you can’t get past in fear of being busted by the course marshals? Kind of felt like I was stuck at the back of the pack waiting for it to break up so I could power on, but tossing up whether that was bit of a god send as it allowed me to sit up and relax for a bit.

Obviously, having the Ironman endurance also helped throughout the race, and finished feeling like I had a bit left in the tank.

Simon Hatlee on his experience 1st to 2nd race.

Clearly in a race, things will and do, go wrong. This applies just as much to the pro’s as it does the first time novices, however what sets them apart is their experience in dealing with apparent calamity.

For example if goggles fill up with water a pro might keep swimming and just sit on a competitors toes, an experienced age-grouper might roll onto their back, empty them and swim on, while a novice might have a panic attack.

If you lose your nutrition or bidon off the bike, just ride on and see what you can grab at the aid stations, perhaps an extra gel or two with your shoes at transition will make a wise back-up. If your bike computer malfunctions, a good competitor might break the course into 3 laps and use their watch to estimate average speed. Get done for drafting? Don’t waste time and energy arguing or staying angry, use the 5 min in the penalty box to relax, catch your breath and take on some carbs and fluids.

In 2012 Gary Maher lost his Garmin watch in the swim and then crashed hard in a pothole in the bike, but he still pulled himself together enough to finish and for his efforts in keeping cool won an STG ‘Goldie’ award at the end of season party.

Remember a Long Course race like Husky is not won in the swim or on the bike, it’s a combined effort of racing smart and pacing correctly allowing you to finish strongly on the run.

131229 Pie in the Sky

During exercise muscles generate 20 times more heat than at rest, greatly increasing your sweat rate. Fluid loss in excess of 4% of body weight will impair performance in endurance events. For each litre of sweat lost the heart rate increases by 8 beats per minute and cardiac output decreases by one litre. The average Ironman triathlete will typically lose around 10% of body weight in fluids by the end of their race, despite frequently rehydrating at aid stations.

At a recent STG track session we found athletes lost between 800ml and 1.6L between 7pm and 8pm, this will be even higher during the heat of the day.

Sydney Training Weather

A couple of showers predicted for Tuesday and Friday, temps in the mid to high twenties.

Sunrise: 06:25 (first light 5:58)

Sunset: 19:53 (last light 20:19)

Bondi Water Temp: 22 degrees

See you at training.

Jeff Sapier
Head Coach


Christmas and New Year Edition

23rd December 2013

04 weeks to Auckland 70.3

04 weeks to Kurnell Race 2

04 weeks to Nowra OD

06 weeks to Challenge Melbourne 70.3

09 weeks to Huskisson Tri Festival


Hi team,

Welcome to summer solstice and the last edition of the Wrap-Up for 2013, what a year it’s been!

At the start of the year we saw STG well represented at all of the Sydney Sprint series at Kurnell. We had huge contingent race Huskisson in February including a 21-strong field in the Long Course event. Towards the end of the tri season we had a near record number compete for STG at NSW Club Championships in Forster, we overpopulated Wollongong and Calalla Beach and raced each other at the Ironman Australia in Port Macquarie. Shelley, Libby and Dani qualified and raced the 2013 ITU World Championships in London while Cathy inspired us all racing the race of races in Kona.


During the off-season many of you swapped your Cranks for laces and landed some impressive times at the various the running festivals and marathons. After settling in to a great new swim location at PAP, we celebrated 2013 club champions Steve and Faith at the end of season big bash at Ravesi’s before training up for the season openers Port 70,3 and Noosa OD.

Alex Rudge set the fastest swim time, Steve set a new club 5km run record whilst Shaun remains the quickest on two wheels over 25.5km with a time set in October 2011. We said goodbye to some popular members who moved overseas and interstate and a few of us had some unfortunate mishaps on the bike whilst racing, training or commuting. Lee (General) Liston surprised us all by turning up to a session and somewhere in Centennial Park is a very bruised, ill tempered, cyclist-hating possum!

Lastly, while we were busy launching a new STG website and online kit ordering portal, many of you were busy getting engaged, marrying, buying houses and creating a few more mini-me triathletes !

At least that’s my recollection anyway.


A reminder that we have a slightly reduced timetable of training sessions running over the Xmas and New Year period. We hope you’ll continue training with us over the festive break since it’s not just a great opportunity to get some good training done, it’s also a lot more fun and social without the pressures of work for most of us.



Monday, 23 December 2013

6am Swim @ PAP

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

6am Cycle @ Centennial Park

Wednesday, 25 December 2013

No Sessions

Thursday, 26 December 2013

No Sessions

Friday, 27 December 2013

No Sessions

Saturday, 28 December 2013

6:30am Ride/Run @ Centennial Park

Sunday, 29 December 2013

6am Cycle – Destination TBA

Monday, 30 December 2013

6am Swim @ PAP

Tuesday, 31 December 2013

6am Cycle @ Centennial Park

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

No Sessions

Thursday, 2 January 2014

Normal sessions resume

Time Trials

Thanks to all those who completed time-trials in the last few weeks. We saw some great results particularly in the pool. It’s no coincidence that PB’s were recorded for the following people as they are among the most regular swimmers at our squad sessions. Congratulations to Matt Malady, Dani Barclay, Nick Glozier, Jaime Hincapie, Faith Geraghty, Natalie Peters and Denise Pereira whom all swam personal best 1km times last week. The swim TT table has been updated and can be seen at; http://www.stgfitness.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/Swimming_Timetrial.pdf


A smaller sample completed the run TT however we still saw PB’s from David Adler and Nick Richardson. The run TT table will be updated online shortly.

On 7th December we held a bike TT in the park, well done to Mat Birch, who as far as I can tell has evaded every bike TT since February 2011, but turned up out of the blue and recorded a new PB in near perfect conditions. A best time was also set for Amelia (Millie) Maxwell, with a much improved time of 0:43:18, Millie has moved up to 5th fastest STG female of all time and I firmly believe we can look forward to even quicker times from her next year.

The updated bike TT table can be seen at; http://www.stgfitness.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/bike_time_trials.pdf

IMG_0382Centennial Park Oxford Street Cycleway Project

A consultation project for a dedicated cycle lane running along Oxford St on the North side of Centennial Park has been launched. This is good news for us Eastern Suburbs based cyclists and is well overdue. The path will mostly run outside and adjacent to the park perimeter, however the proposed route will also run inside the Woollahra gate as a priority cycle lane. This means cyclists and motorists within the park will need to give way to cyclists on the cycleway at this point. Read more about the proposal and have your say at; http://www.centennialparklands.com.au/home/parklands_projects/oxford_street_cycleway

Anyone riding through Centennial Park in the early evening, please note the one-way direction of Carrington Drive (gate-to-gate road) after 5pm each day of the Moonlight Cinema season. Centennial Park states that you can still enjoy riding through this part of the park at this time, however be aware that there have been a number of incidents occurring with cyclists riding against the flow of traffic after 5pm. Please respect other users of the park.

All I want for Christmas is…?

The following article is the first I’ve seen that compares the value of upgrading your race kit in terms of potential benefit versus cost. Time-saving data is based on wind resistance only, so further reductions can be calculated in if you include the bling factor. This purely psychological element allows you to truly believe you look like a pro while at the same time unnerving your competition. Remember the best way to improve your times is usually transition, this costs nothing.

I just had a dig around under the Christmas tree for a large pointy object that might be my new aero helmet, I guess it must be on its way home today.


Sydney Training Weather

My weather app is telling me a shower or two might punctuate Christmas week. My advice is to ignore that, temperatures will be mid to high twenties all week.

Sunrise: 05:41 (first light 05:12)

Sunset: 20:06 (last light 20:35)

Bondi Water Temp: Remains at 20 degrees, should only get warmer from here.

On behalf of STG I wish you all a very happy, enjoyable and safe Christmas and New Year.


Shaun and I look forward to sharing a successful, happy and prosperous 2014 with you all.

Jeff Sapier
Head Coach




16th December 2013

05 week to Auckland 70.3

05 weeks to Kurnell Race 2

05 weeks to Nowra OD

07 weeks to Challenge Melbourne 70.3

10 weeks to Huskisson Tri Festival

Hi team,


Steve at Port Macquarie 70.3 in 2011


Steve at Port Macquarie 70.3 in 2011

Well done to all those who raced Ironman 70.3 in Canberra this weekend, results listed below. Stevie Wonder Ellis took out quickest STG time edging in front of swim & cycle freak Will (Sky) Walker with a lightning fast run time, it was particularly cordial of Will to wait a few extra minutes in transition to ensure this would occur. Both achieved PB’s. Congratulations to Gary Maher who managed to stay on his bike this time and went on to complete an excellent run time, Cat Fleming who placed 11th in her age-group and Gareth Rydon who’s great cycle leg also lead to a PB.

Name (#)


Categ (Pos)






Steve ELLIS (833)


35 to 39  (13)






William WALKER (775)


30 to 34  (22)






Gareth RYDON (749)


30 to 34  (23)






Gary MAHER (698)


30 to 34  (43)






Andres BERNAL (410)


25 to 29  (65)






Cat FLEMING (237)


25 to 29  (11)






Michael NOBLET (534)


25 to 29  (83)






Sydney Ironman 70.3 Announced

Who would have thought, an Ironman 70.3 race within the Sydney metropolitan area! While Penrith is possibly the furthest point from us in Sydney, at least you might get to wake up in your own bed on race morning. The first race is scheduled for 30th November 2014 at the Penrith Regatta Centre with at least two more races planned for 2015 and 2016. Let’s hope this one’s a keeper unlike the greatly missed Sydney ITU. Registration will open early in 2014. For more information visit the website; www.ironmanwesternsydney.com.

STG Christmas and New Year Session Schedule


STG welcomes back London graduate Libby Rogers, pictured here with brother and STG coach Alex.

As is customary for this time of the year, STG will be running a reduced schedule of sessions over the holiday period as follows;

Date   Session
Monday, 23 December 2013 6am Swim @ PAP
Tuesday, 24 December 2013 6am Cycle @ Centennial Park
Wednesday, 25 December 2013 No Sessions
Thursday, 26 December 2013 No Sessions
Friday, 27 December 2013 No Sessions
Saturday, 28 December 2013 6:30am Ride/Run @ Centennial Park
Sunday, 29 December 2013 6am Cycle – Destination TBA
Monday, 30 December 2013 6am Swim @ PAP
Tuesday, 31 December 2013 6am Cycle @ Centennial Park
Wednesday, 1 January 2014 No Sessions
Thursday, 2 January 2014 Normal sessions resume

ES Marks Track and Field Update

The turf is being laid and the track will return to pristine running status this week …allegedly.

Did you know …?

In the cycle leg, a competitor is not permitted to make any forward progress without the bicycle and all of it’s component parts.

TA Race Comp Rule 3.2

Sydney Training Weather

Looking fine for most of the week, temps in the mid twenties until Friday where it will go north of 30 degrees and possible end with a shower.

Sunrise: 05:38 (first light 05:09)

Sunset: 20:01 (last light 20:30)

Bondi Water Temp: Still a mild 20 degrees.

See you at training.

Jeff Sapier
Head Coach

Denise Possum

Police are seeking information related to an incident in the park where a protected species of possum was killed in a hit and run. The rider was witnessed leaving the scene on a silver Scott Foil.



8th December 2013

01 week to Canberra 70.3

06 week to Auckland 70.3

06 weeks to Kurnell Race 2

08 weeks to Challenge Melbourne 70.3

11 weeks to Huskisson Tri Festival

Hi team,


Congratulations to Sarah Webb who completed her 1st Ironman race and Nick Cunningham who completed his 10th (I’m thinking this is an STG record?) at Ironman Western Australia yesterday. Both completed the course in competitive times in reportedly excellent racing conditions, the winner Jeremy Jurkiewicz posting a rather swift 8:08:15. Results listed below, Nick’s impressively quick transition times demonstrate the weight of his race experience.

Well done to all those who raced in Calalla Beach over the weekend, summary of results below. Special mentions go to James Filmer who, after a solid training period, took out STG honours in the Club distance event, he also landed a podium place finishing 3rd in his category. Cathy Verry accepted what is becoming a customary 1st place in her age group, I should add that she raced her category alone but take nothing away from her efforts, she still beat a majority of younger athletes finishing 37th female of the day. Great results also for Natalie Peters and Will Johnson both finishing 5th in their respective categories.

In the relatively new Classic (2/60/15) distance, a mistake with buoy positioning resulted in a much longer swim course than 2km and this was evident in the results. Such a large error is unusual and would have greatly benefitted the stronger swimmers. STG had some terrific performances from those few who didn’t opt out of the longer distance. Simon Duffy, Francesca Boase and Ciara Lui all finished top 10 in their age groups. Fran narrowly missed the podium in 4th place and Ciara picked up valuable experience in the longer format.

We look forward to hearing all your race stories at training soon.

Ironman WA 2013

Name (#)


Categ (Pos)

Gender (Pos)








4044  (42)

Male  (215)






Sarah WEBB (479)


3034  (32)

Female  (168)






Calalla Beach Classic

Name (#) Time Categ (Pos) Swim Ride Run
Simon DUFFY (326)


30-34  (9)




Francesca BOASE (391)


35-39  (4)




Ciara LUI (424)


25-29  (5)




Calalla Beach Club (no run times showing at time of writing)

Name (#) Time Categ (Pos) Swim Ride Run
James FILMER (101)


35-39  (3)



Clint ADAMS (80)


35-39  (6)



William JOHNSON (173)


50-54  (5)



Brent EBERT (98)


35-39  (12)



Daniel BUTTARD (156)


45-49  (15)



Natalie PETERS (51)


30-34  (5)



Cath VERRY (72)


60-64  (1)



Deborah SPEED (62)


30-34  (8)




Swim Technique

From last week, this swimmer is leaning on the front arm whilst breathing. Correct swim technique teaches us that holding arm-collapseyour arm straight out in front of your lead shoulder whilst breathing, aids front end buoyancy making breathing easier, it also means that you do not lose the early part of the catch. This swimmer is pushing down on the water at the early catch, which is not assisting her forward propulsion. Also whilst she is breathing her body needs to stay on the side meaning if she starts the catch then, her timing will be out, causing a lack of power. If you breath every second stroke this means 50% of your stroke is compromised, breathing every three means 33% is reduced. In addition to this her elbow is dropping whilst pulling back, she would improve her hold of the water if the forearm was virtually under the elbow before the elbow starts moving back. And, while I’m being picky, she is kicking too high, bringing air into the water with her toes, at most only your heels should rise above the water.

Drills to correct the front arm drop include “catch up” and “single arm swimming”. If you would like you stroke analysed using underwater video please speak to Shaun or myself. I promise we won’t go public like we did with this poor swimmer!

Please note a 1km swim time-trial will be scheduled for the swim squad session shortly, if you haven’t done one in a while this is a great opportunity measure your swim fitness and technique at the start of the season.

Gareth 0 Vs Road 1


Following last week’s report of an accident with one of our riders in the park, we had another rider go down on the wet road while on his way to work after training on Thursday. Unfortunately, in this case, Gareth came off second best and the road was left undented. A seemingly buoyant and resilient Gareth, had an operation to wire his jaw on Friday, however due to further complications has had to undergo a second operation today. Our thoughts are with Gareth while he recovers from the ops and his injuries.

In wet conditions narrow road bike tyres lose traction more easily when cornering, braking or accelerating. To compensate;

  • Try not to lean your bike too much through a corner in the wet, instead slow down enough before the corner and utilise more of your steering.
  • Best not to brake whilst cornering if it’s dry, absolutely never brake cornering in the wet.
  • Don’t accelerate as fast out of a corner in the wet, as you would in the dry.
  • Reducing your tyre pressure to the lower end of the range will give you slightly more traction, however far better to rely on the above skills to keep the rubber on the bitumen.

Please keep safe riding on our roads.

Another STG Cycle Skills Course will be scheduled in the New Year, the course is designed to suit a range of riders from beginner to advanced. Email me if you’d like to book your place.

ES Marks Track and Field Update

Those that made it through the Taylor Swift induced traffic chaos last Wednesday night were rewarded with a quiet & clean track without that annoying matting, fingers crossed we can enjoy a similar clear run next Wednesday night.

Training Passes

Please note that all STG training passes are due by the 5th day of every month, if you haven’t purchased a pass by this time you will be charged at the casual rate of $17 for each session that month.

Did you know …?

A competitor may not crawl at any time on the run course.

TA Race Competition Rule – 4.1

Sydney Training Weather

Warming up finally after a cool start to summer, this week minimum’s will be in the high-teens and maximum’s mid to high-twenties’s. Showers possible Tuesday morning and Friday.

Sunrise: 05:37 (first light 05:08)

Sunset: 19:55 (last light 20:24)

Bondi Water Temp: A mild 20 degrees.

See you at training.

Jeff Sapier
Head Coach

Shaun being held accountable at a recent brick session.
Shaun being held accountable at a recent brick session.


2nd December 2013

01 week to Ironman WA

01 week to Callala Beach Classic and Club distance

02 weeks to Canberra 70.3

07 weeks to Auckland 70.3

07 weeks to Kurnell Race 2

09 weeks to Challenge Melbourne 70.3

12 weeks to Huskisson Tri Festival

Hi team,

December already! summer is now official.

Congratulation to the few who swam in the Bondi to Bronte swim this weekend. Depending on who you speak to they either braved 20m tsunami’s and sub zero cyclonic winds or perfectly calm, flat, smooth and warm ocean conditions. Word around Bondi is that the event was won in record time so you be the judge. Unfortunately results are not yet published at the time of writing but if you did swim and would like your time recorded in next week’s wrap, then please send them to me.

Swim Technique

arm-collapseThis swimmer is doing what many poor swimmers do, leaning on the front arm whilst breathing. A better swimmer will hold their arm straight in front of their lead shoulder in this position, why?

Best answers, yes there are at least 5 reasons, will be published next in week’s edition. Sorry no prizes.

A fortunate outcome to a most unfortunate incident occurred at STG’s brick session in the park on Saturday. One of our riders left a rather large impression in the door of a vehicle that crossed the cycle lane without correctly giving way to all cyclists coming through from behind. This type of accident happens far too frequently in the park since many motorists simply don’t know how to deal with a large volume of cyclists and a cycle lane that gives cyclists right of way.

Shelley imprintSo whilst your riding it’s paramount to stay ever vigilant, ‘scanning’ ahead and behind helps you foresee any potential situations so you can adjust your position accordingly, this usually means getting off your aero bars and setting up your brakes. A car slowing down before an exit for instance, should trigger you to set up brakes in case you need to slow down quickly. If that same vehicle does happen to cross in front of you, then perhaps turning with the car may be a better option if you’re traveling too fast to stop in time. This way, even if you do collide, the momentum at impact will be far less than a straight T-bone. Unfortunately calling out to the driver of an enclosed vehicle, as you would another cyclist, is unlikely to have any affect on their behavoir. Far better for you to focus on setting yourself up so you can alter your trajectory if required, it’s pretty much the only thing you can control.

Miraculously this incident was a rare case of cyclist comes off best, as can be seen from the image, our member was extremely lucky to avoid serious injury. Having trained with STG for many years she is a very experienced cyclist and there was likely very little she could have done differently. Her bike was fine too!

IM Busso Swim
Swimmers heading out along the famous pier of Busselton

Best of luck to Nick Cunningham and Sarah Webb who will be crossing to the other side of the desert this week to compete in the WA Ironman in Busselton next Sunday. Also all those competitors heading to Calalla Bay for the Classic and Club distance events.

ES Marks Track and Field Update

On request we received further notification regarding the schedule of works at the track:

Through to December 8th – irrigation and drainage works.

December 9th onwards – Turf laying.

December 13th – Turf laying concludes and track matting removed.

January 17th – review turf uptake with a view to removing fence.

(please note these dates are best case scenario which may be affected by inclement weather)

Did you know …?

Rule 3.9 on Drafting

For all non-drafting events up to and including 40km cycle distance, the draft zone is a rectangle 7m long and 3m wide from the front wheel of bicycle (or motorcycle), competitors have 15 seconds to pass through this zone. Races greater than 40km this zone extends to 12m in length and competitors have 25 seconds to pass through.

A bicycle is considered approximately 2m in length so it may be easier to subtract 2m from either of the above and estimate that from the rear of the back wheel instead.

Sydney Training Weather

In a word “summery”. By midweek temps should be in the mid to high 20’s. A change bringing rain on Thursday should hopefully clear away in time for the weekend.

Sunrise: 05:37 (first light 05:08)

Sunset: 19:51 (last light 20:19)

Bondi Water Temp: 20 degrees

See you at training.

Jeff Sapier
Head Coach


25th November 2013

Matt Malady impersonating a lumberjack impersonating a triathlete

02 weeks to Ironman WA

02 weeks to Callala Beach Classic

03 weeks to Canberra 70.3

08 weeks to Auckland 70.3

08 weeks to Kurnell Race 2

10 weeks to Challenge Melbourne 70.3

13 weeks to Huskisson Tri Festival

Hi team,

Congratulations to Dave Adler who ran a personal best time of 1:33:31, Matt Malady executing a clinical 1:27:13 and Alex Rogers who smashed out a 1:13:43 in the Central Coast Half Marathon earlier today.

Huskisson Long Course competitors might be interested to know a 13 week race specific program will begin this week. To receive a training program you need to be either on the premium or squad program package (monthly unlimited).  http://www.stgfitness.com.au/triathlon/training-passes/. Note all monthly pass payments are due by the 5th of each month.

ES Marks Track and Field

Centennial Park when it was in nappies

Anyone who’s been to Wednesday’s track session over the past few weeks will be familiar with the repair work to the field and the resultant large platform and protective mat permanently parked on top of the track. These works were supposed to be completed last Tuesday. In a response to an enquiry letter from STG, the manager in charge has responded with a range of responses. One being that the fires in Sydney held up delivery of critical machinery before the wet weather caused further delays and that my suggestion of removing or reducing the gate charge during the works would render the facility in-operable. Sadly I did not receive any notification of when the work is now due to be completed and allow us to resume training safely on a track without hazards like a flapping blanket with which to hurdle. He did however continue to casually mention that the track will be closed on Wednesday 27th November and another couple of days as part of the ongoing project.

So the STG track session this Wednesday will be back at Mackay Field in Centennial Park. Usual time of 7pm. See following map for exact location, meet near the pavilion.


Somewhere in this 13 degree Auckland harbour is Faith Geraghty doing it for Ireland


In last weeks wrap the wetsuit rule I reported applied to Elite, Open, Under 23 and Junior competitors only. For under 19 and age-group competitors the temperature above which wetsuits are banned is 24 degrees for all distances. It is mandatory below 14 deg up to 1500m, 15 deg up to 3000m and 16 deg above 3000m. Thanks Steve Ellis for pointing out the error.

Triathlon Australia Race Competition Rule 2.5

Did you know …?

A competitor could be shown a yellow or red card in a race for disposing their goggles or swim cap anywhere on the course apart from at their place in transition out of the way and not interfering with other competitors progress.

Sydney Training Weather

More unsettled days ahead with possible showers spread across the week. Conditions possibly best suited to the England cricket team. Temps in the mid to high 20’s.

Sunrise: 05:39 (first light 05:11)

Sunset: 19:44 (last light 20:12)

Bondi Water Temp: Perfectly swimmable at 20 degrees

See you at training.

Jeff Sapier
Head Coach


18th November 2013

03 weeks to Ironman WA

03 weeks to Callala Beach Classic

04 weeks to Canberra 70.3

09 weeks to Auckland 70.3

09 weeks to Kurnell Race 2

11 weeks to Challenge Melbourne 70.3

14 weeks to Huskisson Tri Festival

Hi team,

Congratulations to those few who braved the weather and raced the Sydney Sprint Race 1 at Kurnell this morning. With the heavy rain last night it must have been touch and go whether the race went ahead or not.

Some exceptional results to report with Simon Hatlee finishing 17th in a field of 64 and Gareth Rydon finishing 5th in the very competitive 30-34 group. Meanwhile a strong STG women’s contingent featuring Faith Geraghty who completed a big week of racing finishing 7th in her category. Newish recruit Dani Barclay racing on her home turf finished close behind Faith in 12th position. Best result of the day went to STG’s Kona champ Cathy Verry who climbed the podium in 2nd place. Full results listed below.

Thanks Nathan Bellgrove for sharing his sharp pics on the STG facebook page for us.

Kurnell Race 1 2013
Name (#)


Categ (Pos)




Simon HATLEE (565)


35-39  (17)




Gareth RYDON (766)


30-34  (5)




Faith GERAGHTY (486)


30-34  (7)




Dani BARCLAY (460)


30-34  (12)




Cathy VERRY (214)


60-64  (2)




Sublime Pt
Recent ride to Sublime Point during dryer times.

Also congratulations to our substitute coach Alex Rogers who placed 3rd overall in the JP Morgan run event last week in a blistering 17:47 for a 5.6km (3 mile) race on a hilly course. Faith Geraghty also did us proud as the 38th placed female, while our record holding 5km run time-trialist Steve Ellis romped home in 27th place.

Club Championships Update

As promised last week, welcome to the first wrap-up of the STG Club Championship table for 2013/14 season.  These results include Noosa, Huskisson OD and Mandurah 70.3 but not today’s Kurnell sprint.

Shelley accepting the most improved award for last year’s season (Shelley’s the one not pouting)

In the women’s field we have Alex Rudge on top at 2,273 (2 races), not far behind is our current women’s champion Faith Geraghty on 2,239 (2 races) and third place Cathy Verry on 2,011 (2 races).  Interestingly Alex and Faith were equal leading up to Noosa however a strong performance from Alex saw her pull away to an early lead. Just behind the leaders is Shelley Maxwell-Smith on 1,969 (2 races) and a bunch including the likes of Fran Boase, Dani Barclay and Ciara Liu who all have just one race counted so far but will surely put pressure on the top three as the season continues.  On the watch list is Sarah Webb who will be racing Busselton as her first race this season.

In the men’s field, I know Daniel Buttard will be pleasantly surprised to find himself enjoying the top spot 2,877 (3 races), fellow Cairns 70.3 competitor Simon Duffy is not far behind on 2,044 (2 races) and breathing down their necks is Shaun Wadham after a very strong Noosa result on 1,207 (1 race). Current club champion Steve Ellis is sitting in 4th place on 1,159 (1 race) and Gareth Rydon not far behind on 1,137 (1 race). Behind them and certainly in contention this year we find Simon Hatlee, Gareth Chang and David Stirk.

But it’s early days and I expect the next update, which will include today’s Kurnell Sprint, Busselton IM, Canberra 70.3 and Callala Bay Beach Classic will shake things up substantially. Guys to watch out for will be Will Walker who will compete for the first time this year at Canberra and last years runner up Nick Cunningham who will be racing for the first time at Busselton.

See the full list of qualifying races for this season here http://www.stgfitness.com.au/calendar/

The table will be updated on the STG website shortly.

Did You Know..?

Wetsuits are forbidden in races where;

  • the water temp is above 20 degrees for any distance shorter than and including 1500m
  • 23 degrees up to 3000m and
  • 24 degrees above 3000m except in special circumstances.

Triathlon Australia Race Competition Rule 2.5

Sydney Training Weather

I hope you got some training in over the weekend, the rain is bucketing down as I write. Fortunately both mornings this weekend had some respite for those brave enough to venture out. I’m sorry to say that occasional showers (as opposed to rain) are predicted to continue all the way through to next weekend, however temps will be mid twenties which is about 10 degrees warmer than today.

Nick Richardson accepting the “cotton wool” award for softest crash last season.

Sunrise: 05:42 (first light 5:15)

Sunset: 19:37 (last light 20:05)

Bondi Water Temp: slightly warmer at 20 degrees

See you at training.

Jeff Sapier
Head Coach


11th November 2013

Huskisson OD and Mandurah 70.3 on this weekend

02 weeks to Challenge Forster

03 weeks to Kurnell race 1

04 weeks to Ironman WA

04 weeks to Callala Beach Classic

05 weeks to Canberra 70.3

10 weeks to Auckland 70.3

Hi team,

Crowded transition area, Noosa.

Firstly apologies for the lack of communications over the past few weeks, the Noosa race and associated events took up much of our admin time, but we’re back on board now and look forward to a very exciting season ahead.

Congratulations to everyone who competed at the Noosa OD race last weekend, some terrific performances, loads of STG colours out on course and an abundance of wildlife to go around. All results are summarised below. If you haven’t been to Noosa, it’s definitely one of the ‘must do’ races on the calendar, the sheer volume of images on the STG Facebook attest to the amount of fun this race and weekend can be.  Registration opens this Tuesday for TA members only, the race always fills rapidly so I suggest you set a reminder to log on at midday if you’re keen. STG has a couple of houses booked next year so if you would like to register your interest in accommodation please email me once your entry is confirmed.

Lydia Nicholson and Clint Adams enjoying the atmosphere in Noosa.
This turkey, 1st around the first buoy, forgot to note where the course went! Noosa

Thanks to our back up coaches Alex Rogers, Mick Elliott, Matt Birch and Chris Henderson for covering sessions while Shaun and I were away in Noosa.

Noosa OD Name Finish Time Swim Cycle Run


Shaun WADHAM (4497)  02:11:18  00:25:51  01:03:46  00:41:40


Steve ELLIS (1529)  02:16:25  00:31:40  01:07:38  00:37:06


Gareth RYDON (3842)  02:17:23  00:24:57  01:07:47  00:44:37


Bruce SANDERSON (3857)  02:23:20  00:27:30  01:11:29  00:44:20


Gareth CHANG (1022)  02:26:41  00:26:32  01:14:32  00:45:36


Simon DUFFY (1460)  02:29:34  00:29:29  01:14:36  00:45:28


Alex RUDGE (3806)  02:30:47  00:24:58  01:14:58  00:50:50


Francesca BOASE (719)  02:32:19  00:28:08  01:17:04  00:47:06


Faith GERAGHTY (1783)  02:35:11  00:33:16  01:16:06  00:45:48


James FILMER (1622)  02:36:49  00:33:01  01:13:25  00:50:22


Brent EBERT (1494)  02:41:04  00:32:47  01:15:34  00:52:42


William JOHNSON (2406)  02:44:41  00:32:21  01:19:00  00:53:18


Daniel BUTTARD (910)  02:46:36  00:34:11  01:13:29  00:58:55


Phil CAMERON (938)  02:47:02  00:35:04  01:19:22  00:52:36


Clint ADAMS (359)  02:47:43  00:41:23  01:13:28  00:52:51


Matt SANDERS (3856)  02:49:30  00:33:49  01:22:07  00:53:33


Nick MERCER (3080)  03:00:53  00:36:58  01:16:58  01:06:57


Deborah SPEED (4109)  03:06:09  00:35:32  01:30:33  01:00:04


Simon TAGGART (4261)  03:06:32  00:36:07  01:30:00  01:00:24


Natalie PETERS (3507)  03:06:40  00:33:19  01:24:06  01:09:14


Catherine WRIGHT (4774)  03:11:41  00:41:40  01:31:45  00:58:16


Asha HUM (2291)  03:27:35  00:38:12  01:53:05  00:56:18
Jeff SAPIER (3864)


 00:30:28  01:07:46
Nicola Ellis



Well done to those who turned up for the bike time trial on Saturday, results will be posted on the website shortly.

Well done to Ben Smith who completed the Mandurah 70.3 in WA in a very respectable 5:45, ultra-marathoner and now competitive triathlete David Stirk who dusted off this years Huskisson OD in a clinical 2:26 and finally Daniel Buttard raced the Highland Fling mountain bike event all this weekend.

Next update will feature our first summary of the STG club championship table for 2013/14 with complete with all the latest results including Noosa.

Sydney Training Weather

Rain!!! Looks likely to continue over the next few days …it had to happen. Don’t despair, it should douse those fires and summer will return on Wednesday with temps back in the high twenties.

Sunrise: 05:47 (first light 5:20)

Sunset: 19:31 (last light 19:58)

Bondi Water Temp: you guessed it, still hovering around 19 degrees

Alex, bravely biting of more than she could chew, wrestled this behemoth around midnight after the Noosa race.

See you at training.

Jeff Sapier
Head Coach


21st October 2013

02 weeks to Noosa OD

03 week to Huskisson OD

07 weeks to Ironman WA

08 weeks to Canberra 70.3

Hi team,

Alex enjoying the STG support at Kurnell last year

Congratulations to Alex Rudge, Daniel Buttard, Jaime Hincapie and David Adler who all finished the Port Macquarie 70.3 earlier today, results listed below. While David and Jaime were competing in their first long course event, Daniel finished under 6 hours in what was a 37 minute PB and Alex beat all the lads with an impressive time that placed her 13th in category and within the top 50 women on the day. The event was won by pro Josh Amberger who’ll be one to keep an eye on in future, his time an incredible 3:56:47 after recording the days best bike split of 2:10:10 averaging a cool 40.91km/h.

Port Macquarie 70.3 Race Time Swim T1 Ride T2 Run
Alex RUDGE (665)







Dave ADLER (1034)







Jaime HINCAPIE (114)







Daniel BUTTARD (706)







Seeing double in Noosa

Sydney Training Weather

Hot early in the week but showers possible on Wednesday & Thursday with a change that will also bring cooler temperatures, bad news if you’re Columbian.

Sunrise: 06:07 (first light 5:42)

Sunset: 19:12 (last light 19:37)

Bondi Water Temp: still hovering around 19 degrees

See you at training.

Jeff Sapier
Head Coach



14th October 2013

01 week to Ironman 70.3 Port Macquarie

03 weeks to Noosa OD

04 week to Huskisson OD

08 weeks to Ironman WA

09 weeks to Canberra 70.3

Hi team,

Steve Ellis crossing the line at Port Macquarie 70.3 and subsequently qualifying for the 70.3 World Champs.

Summer swelter as early as October, unless you’re heading to NZ or Tassie this could mean we might need to prepare for some hot racing this season.

Well done to all those who completed the bike TT on Saturday, perfect conditions and a solid couple of training blocks resulted in PB’s for Will Walker, Gary Maher, Nathan Bellgrove, Daniel Buttard, Brent Ebert, Fran Boase, Gareth Chang, Will Johnson and Natalie Peters.

Late August (just before I went away) we also held a 5km run TT in which Steve Ellis not only recorded his own PB but also set an STG club record time of 16 min 41 sec, congratulations Steve, an average under 3:20/km is going to be a hard record to break. PB’s were also set on the same day by Bruce Sanderson, Gareth Chang, David Adler, Will Johnson, Matt Sanders and Daniel Buttard.

Results of both the ride TT and the 5km run TT held on 28th August will be updated in the results sections of the STG website in the coming days.

I’m excited to announce that Cathy Verry has just crossed the line at the Ironman World Championships in Kona Hawaii in just over 14 hours which had her place 11th in her category (28 in all). Congratulations Cathy, you’re an STG and Ironman legend.

Ford Ironman World Championship  13 October 2007
Mass start at Kona, still want to do it?

Best of luck to all those heading up to Port Macquarie for the 70.3 race next Sunday, we know how had you’ve trained for it. Long range forecast for Port Macquarie is for fine weather with temps in the mid twenties.

Sydney Training Weather

More summery conditions ahead, maxing out midweek in the low 30’s, possible shower tomorrow.

Sunrise: 06:16 (first light 5:50)

Sunset: 19:07 (last light 19:32)

Bondi Water Temp: 19 degrees – get in

See you at training.

Jeff Sapier
Head Coach

Port Macquarie swim course




7th October 2013

01 week to Ironman World Champs Kona

02 weeks to Ironman 70.3 Port Macquarie

04 weeks to Noosa OD

05 week to Huskisson OD

09 weeks to Ironman WA

10 weeks to Canberra 70.3

Hi team,

It’s wonderful to be back in Sydney and back to training again in bright and warm early mornings, so much easier to jump out of bed! …or was that my jetlag?. Either way from this weekend we’ll revert back to dark mornings for a few weeks until summer and the new tri season truly begins.

I enjoyed hearing about some great results at the Sydney Running Festival, Sunshine Coast 70.3 and the ITU World Champs in London, which tragically I missed watching and supporting by a mere few hours. It appears I have a bit of work to do updating our results page on the website, it would be a great help if you can please send me your results I’ll begin compiling and publishing for future generations to see how goddam fit you all are.

It was very encouraging to see so many members back at training last week, and a big welcome to all the new members who’ve joined us recently, we hope you’ll enjoy being a part STG.

Special mention also goes to STG heroine Cathy Verry (pictured) who’s currently acclimatising to the warm conditions in Kona Hawaii where she’ll contend the Ironman World Championships next weekend. Best of luck Cathy!

Congratulations to Shaun and Emily who recently produced their second child and our youngest member Benjamin Wadham, I expect we’ll see training wheels on Shaun’s TT bike in no time.

Sadly last month we said goodbye to Jennie Oswald (pictured from Noosa 2012). Jennie’s swapped Centennial Park and Bondi Beach for an air-conditioned gym and lap pool in Hong Kong. We wish her all the best for her blossoming career and future endeavours.

Due to the public holiday there’ll be no swim squad session on Monday 7th October, however we might hold an open water swim at Bondi depending on the conditions, the water is so warm at the moment it’d be criminal not to. Look out for an announcement on Facebook on Sunday and please register your interest, it will suit swimmers who can repeat 100m around 2 mins or quicker.

Sydney Training Weather

Looks like yet another great weekend warm over the weekend but still fresh early, milder Monday and Tuesday but warming up again mid-week with Thursday currently showing 33 degrees.

Sunrise: 06:25 (first light 5:57)

Sunset: 19:01 (last light 19:26)

Bondi Water Temp: 21.4 degrees (miraculously warm for this time of the year)

See you at training.

Jeff Sapier
Head Coach


2nd September 2013

02 weeks to ITU World Champs London
02 weeks to Sunshine Coast 70.3

03 weeks to Sydney Running Festival

06 weeks to Ironman World Champs Kona

07 weeks to Ironman 70.3 Port Macquarie

09 weeks to Noosa OD

15 weeks to Canberra 70.3

Hi team,

As many of you know, Fran and I are off on holidays this week for a month long European adventure including our very own nine-day gran tourismo across les alps starting on 16th September. If you’re interested in following our progress with photo’s and video uploaded regularly, all you need do is ‘like’ the facebook page of our tour company www.facebook.com/RideandSeek.

Coach Shaun will be covering most of the squad sessions while I’m away with support from Coach Alex and Coach Gezz. I will occasionally check my emails whenever possible, however if you have any queries I suggest you send them to Shaun until I get back on 30th September.

Unless otherwise advised, the Sunday long rides will continue on 8th September and 29th September under Coach Gezz, there’ll be no ride on the 15th September, which is our recovery week and 22nd September due to the Blackmores Sydney Running Festival. Best of luck to all those participating in the half and full marathon that weekend.

Best of luck also to Shelley Maxwell-Smith and Dani Barclay who’ll be racing at the ITU World Championships in London in 2 weeks time, also to Faith Geraghty, Ciara Lui and Matt Birch who’ll be racing the Sunshine Coast 70.3 on the same day.

Sydney Training Weather

I’ve completely run out of superlatives to describe this early spring weather, have you noticed how much cleaner your bike stays when the roads are dry? It’s also getting so light in the mornings, in a few weeks time you’ll be wide-awake by 5:30am and have no need for lights until DST. The spring equinox will be 21st September. The great news is it looks like continuing sunny and warm for this working week with possible showers on the forecast for next Saturday.

Sunrise: 06:14 (first light 5:49)

Sunset: 17:36 (last light 18:01)

Bondi Water Temp: 18.6 degrees (totally swimmable sans wetsuit!)

Happy training, see you in October.

Jeff Sapier
Head Coach


26th August 2013

03 weeks to ITU World Champs London
03 weeks to Sunshine Coast 70.3

04 weeks to Sydney Running Festival

07 weeks to Ironman World Champs Kona

08 weeks to Ironman 70.3 Port Macquarie

10 weeks to Noosa OD

16 weeks to Canberra 70.3

Deb and Mr Movember plotting to beat Steve Ellis as Club Champion next year.

Hi team,

Congratulations to Daniel Buttard who completed the Lake Macquarie half marathon earlier today. Daniel’s time of 1:53:27 was a 4-minute PB and well under his race goal time. Daniel is one of our more consistent trainers and his results (and new lean physique) are testament to his efforts.

Apologies to Shelley and Nick C who’s City to Surf time I missed in last weeks wrap, updated list below. If you complete a race that you’re not listed for on the squad program or on the website. Then please drop me an email so we know to include you in future communiqué’s.

City to Surf 2013

Steve Ellis


David Stirk


Bruce Sanderson


Dave Adler


Faith Geraghty


Nick Cunningham


Jamie Hincapie


Dean Ormston


Shelley Maxwell-Smith


Nathan Bellgrove


Jennie Oswald


Sarah Sarkozy


Gezz & Willow Sarkozy


Will, Ciara and Bruce discuss a counter-plot against Deb and Mr Movember.


Sighting in open water

This link is to a very helpful article written by seasoned pro Matt Lieto on how to sight effectively while swimming in open water. Sighting correctly can save you massive amounts of time in a race and get you on your bike fresher than if you zig-zagged out an unnecessary extra hundred metres. We’ll be practicing sighting at some of the swim squad sessions this week.

Sydney Training Weather

While I’m sure we could use some rain, the continuing dry conditions are well suited to training! The mornings have started to mild up and you might be able to get away without leggings and long fingered gloves on the early rides.  The week ahead is showing maximum’s in the mid twenties peaking at 26 on Friday. I recommend making the most of this last week of August and the earlier sunrises, set that alarm and don’t give it a second thought, it’s the best time of the day to be outside.

Club journalist Natalie’s reaction on hearing of the counter-plot, …it all gets a bit complicated from here.

See you at training

Jeff Sapier
Head Coach


19th August 2013

04 weeks to ITU World Champs London
04 weeks to Sunshine Coast 70.3

05 weeks to Sydney Running Festival

08 weeks to Ironman World Champs Kona

09 weeks to Ironman 70.3 Port Macquarie

11 weeks to Noosa OD

Hi team,

Recently retired member Clint with Simon and Gary

What amazing weather we’ve had over the last week, I trust everyone’s had a chance to get out and enjoy it this weekend. Thanks to those who turned up yesterday for the special brick swim/run session, Bondi really turned it on for one of the more memorable swims in calm and crystal clear ocean.

We had a fairly good turn out today for our inaugural West Head TT and King of the Mountain race from Akuna Bay, everyone appeared to enjoy the perfect weather, smooth surface and various inclines presented along West Head Road. Results will be loaded into the TT spreadsheet available on the STG website very soon. Meanwhile the King of the Mountain handicap race will be renamed “Queen” of the Mountain as the event was taken out by Alex Rudge who also performed well in the TT.

Congratulations to all those who completed the City to Surf last weekend, results below.

Steve Ellis 0:50:42
David Stirk 0:55:48
Bruce Sanderson 0:57:41
Dave Adler 1:00:32
Faith Geraghty 1:00:34
Jamie Hincapie 1:05:42
Dean Ormston 1:06:03
Nathan Bellgrove 1:09:54
Jennie Oswald 1:13:01
Sarah Sarkozy 1:13:37
Gezz & Willow Sarkozy 1:25:47
Junior member Willow before her maiden City to Surf race.

Congratulations to Cathy Verry who competed in the Yeppoon 70.3 event earlier today in what was her last hit-out before she heads to Kona for the Ironman World Championships. Cathy races in the 60-64 age-group, I mention that purely because I believe she greatly defies her age in appearance and efforts at training. Cathy finished the race in 6:18:08, placing 1st female in the category and 2nd of the five athletes in her age group indicating she’s in great form.  Ironman training can be a lonely pursuit when you’re the only one in your club racing, and we wish her the very best getting through the final 8 weeks of training.


Sydney Training Weather

Got to love August, it’s predicted to remain dry all week. Midweek temps will be slightly down on last weeks bliss. However it’ll warm up again by the end of the week.

Sunrise: 06:30 (first light 6:05)

Sunset: 17:27 (last light 17:52)


See you at training

Jeff Sapier
Head Coach



12th August 2013

05 weeks to ITU World Champs London
05 weeks to Sunshine Coast 70.3

06 weeks to Sydney Running Festival
09 weeks to Ironman World Champs Kona
10 weeks to Ironman 70.3 Port Macquarie
12 weeks to Noosa OD

Hi team,

What an incredible weekend for the annual City to Surf fun run. Congratulations to all those who completed it earlier today, we’ll post the results in next week’s wrap-up and look forward to hearing stories of the event at training during the week.

Nick M, Simon T, Denise and retired athlete Nick R.

Last week we announced our first Bike TT of the season will be held at West Head on Saturday 17 August, however due to a clash with another race that same day, virtually the only day in the year the road is closed to other riders, we’ve been forced to change it to 6:45 Sunday 18 August. Afterwards they’ll be a handicap King of the Mountain race, a first for STG and the perfect opportunity for all club members to compete for a club title. We’ll announce more details during the week but please remember to rsvp to Shaun’s post on Facebook so we have a good idea of numbers and can create seedings for the KOM.

On Saturday 17 August we’ll now have a wetsuit swim and run brick session, commencing at 6:45am at a location to be confirmed at the end of the week, hopefully Bondi but this will be dependent on conditions. Water temp is currently 17.5 degrees, perfect for a wettie!

With only 12 weeks until Noosa OD, it was heartening to see some familiar faces back and increased numbers at squad sessions in the past week. We now have 10 hours 50 minutes of bright sunshine, it gets light at 6:12am and the weather for the week ahead will be spectacular (see below). So if you’ve entered events this season but you’re still obsessed with your snooze button in the morning, then this could be the perfect week to break the shackles of winter and join us at training…just saying.

2013 STG Club Championship 2nd placer Cathy Verry and yours truly

STG Noosa VIP Bike Transport 2013, a.k.a. ‘Jefstar’ was announced this week. If the idea of chauffeuring your fully assembled bike in a Velosophy sponsored tour bus, presented to you ready to roll like a pro or sipping masculine cocktails post race   while your housemates are up to their armpits in grease disassembling and repacking bikes sounds tantalising, then drop me an email on jeff@stgfitness.com.au to book your place, spaces are limited and filling fast.

Sydney Training Weather

Spring is so in with maximum’s 24 degrees on Sunday and Monday and the remainder of the week looking as mild as a sloth on valium. This is rounded out by complete absence of any precipitation predicted for the next 7 days, don’t recall seeing that in a long time.

“Hey everyone, the party just arrived”

Sunrise: 06:38 (first light 6:12)

Sunset: 17:23 (last light 17:50)

See you at training

Jeff Sapier
Head Coach


5th August 2013

01 week to City to Surf

06 weeks to ITU World Champs London

06 weeks to Sunshine Coast 70.3

07 weeks to Sydney Running Festival 

10 weeks to Ironman World Champs Kona

11 weeks to Ironman 70.3 Port Macquarie

13 weeks to Noosa OD

Denise ecstatic
Denise training


Congratulations to returning member David Stirk, who completed the ‘Westlink M7 Cities Marathon’ last weekend in Melbourne. His incredibly quick time of 3:07:38 is far more impressive than the sponsors choice of name for the event.

Great work from these members who registered the following times in the 7km Bay Run earlier today. Simon Taggart 34:07, Daniel Buttard 35:16, Denise Pereira 38:08. It must have been perfect conditions as first place male and female both set new record times.

City to Surf is on next Sunday, all members following a program will see options to reduce their volume if racing it competitively is the goal. For those seeking a long ride next Sunday morning, I’m considering a C2S course reconnaissance from 6am, continuing on to La Perouse before returning to cheer some of our members home in Bondi.

Well done to those who completed the swim time-trial last week, results will be updated on the STG website very soon. If you missed out, you’re welcome to give it a crack yourself this coming week and let us know your time.

Jeff & Simon above the Gong


Saturday 17th August will mark our first Bike TT of the new season. To honour the occasion, we’ll be holding a special TT at West Head followed by with a Handicap King of the Mountain race. We hope you’ll join us for what promises to be a great day out in one of the best riding locations in Sydney.

Full details will be announced on the STG Facebook page very shortly.



Sydney Training Weather

So far August is living up to its reputation for affable weather and the week ahead is looking very peachy indeed. Expect a warm day on Tuesday followed by a couple of showers Wednesday evening or Thursday morning, before returning the peach.

Ciara Training

Sunrise: 06:45 (first light 6:19)

Sunset: 17:16 (last light 17:43)

See you at training

Jeff Sapier
Head Coach


29th July 2013

02 weeks to City to Surf
07 weeks to ITU World Champs London
07 weeks to Sunshine Coast 70.3

08 weeks to Sydney Running Festival

11 weeks to Ironman World Champs Kona
12 weeks to Ironman 70.3 Port Macquarie
14 weeks to Noosa OD

As you can see from the above list, the start of a new season of racing is is fast approaching, it’s now only 7 weeks to the first races of the triathlon season at Sunshine Coast and ITU World Championships in London and we’ve been ramping up the speed work at training in the past few weeks in preparation.

JeffStar Promotional Shot
Jefstar International Ops

A big crew of around 20 are making the trek to Queensland to compete in the Noosa Olympic Triathlon in November.  We’ll shortly be announcing details for the STG VIP Bike Transport for this event (a.k.a. “Jefstar”). Noosa is one of the truly great races on the world calendar and a must do race for everyone at some stage in their triathlon adventures. Ironman 70.3 in Port Macquarie is now only 12 weeks away and the long course program will be ramping in volume in preparation for this event.

Congratulations to new member David Adler, who completed the Hills Duathlon (6.4km run, 19.2km cycle, 3.2km run) last weekend in a time of 1:15:42 achieving 5th in his age category.

Thanks to everyone who attended the STG end of season party at Ravesis last weekend. It was a great day spent recognising those who had excelled in the 12/13 season and most importantly relaxing and catching up with everyone in an alternative environment. Also reassuring that in keeping with long held STG tradition, it continued into a big night for some.

Faith trained solidly throughout the year

Congratulations to Steve Ellis and Faith Geraghty who were awarded STG Club Champions for this year. Steve now has two championships to his name and may well contest for a club record third title next season.

In the men’s comp Nick Glozier got incredibly close finishing within a five point whisker behind Steve, while Nick Cunningham rounded out the podium in third. The women’s comp saw Kona bound athlete Cathy Verry take second place and one-season-wonder Marijn Kamp take out third.

In the highly regarded ‘most-improved’ category Shelley Maxwell-Smith and new dad Simon Hatlee both walked away with a trophy and a new pair of trainers from Athletes Foot CBD store kindly donated by store manager and fellow member Mick Elliott.

The final club championship points table for 2012/13 can be found here.

Thanks again to Nicola Ellis for her tireless work in calculating all the points accrued by each member compared to median results for each age group in every official race throughout the season, as you can imagine it’s quite a task.

Sydney Training Weather

Thankfully we’ll be returning to milder temps this week after a frigid last week of July. Some possible showers Tuesday and Wednesday but the outlook is for a sunny later half of the week into the weekend.

Party got messy

Sunrise: 06:51 (first light 6:24)

Sunset: 17:12 (last light 17:39)

See you at training

Jeff Sapier
Head Coach


23rd July 2013

03 weeks to City to Surf
08 weeks to ITU World Champs London
08 weeks to Sunshine Coast 70.3

09 weeks to Sydney Running Festival

Bruce F and Daniel striding out

Congratulations to those who competed in the Sydney 10km last Sunday, results are online now. Please let me know if I’ve missed anyone out, best to email your results to me after your events to avoid this in future.

You’re likely well aware that the STG end of season party is on this Saturday 20th July from 1pm at Ravesis in Bondi. If you’ve rsvp’d but haven’t yet paid please do so before the day or pay cash when you arrive. Shaun, Emily and I look forward to seeing many of you there as it’s always tremendous fun to catch up outside of training and enjoy the camaraderie which is a highlight of STG membership. The presentations will start early, while the coaches are still abstemious, so please arrive on time or risk missing out on the fun.

Aerobic vs Anaerobic Swimming

Firstly a correction: In the Weekly Wrap-Up on 8th July, I mentioned the swim schedule focus at Cook and Philip Pool to be Tuesday (speed) and Thursday (aerobic) however I had this the wrong way around. The swim focus of these sessions will remain Tuesday (aerobic/endurance) and Thursday (anearobic/speed). I apologise for any confusion.

There is a lot of online content that will explain the difference between aerobic and anaerobic energy systems. In essence, aerobic training will develop you endurance however a swimmer will very quickly plateau without combining some anaerobic or ‘speed’ sets.

Not so long ago Fran had never swum in the ocean

If you want to improve at swimming you should try to get along to at least two sessions per week. One of each session type as above is ideal however not imperative as all our squad sessions contain elements of both systems in varying amounts. Three sessions a week, or two squad sessions and one open-water swim should take your swimming to the next level if you put the effort in. On weekends, especially as the weather begins to improve, I highly recommend dusting the wetsuit off and jumping in to the ocean or a harbour pool like Redleaf. This will get you used to the more buoyant wetsuit and forces you to practice sighting, it also makes a welcome change to following a black line.

If you’d like to understand more of the basics of metabolic processes in swim training, this article explains it in fairly simple terms.

Please remember to bring pull buoy, band and paddles to each and every pool session. And whenever possible, it would be advantageous to bring swim fins and a kick board as well.

Sydney Training Weather

Shelley can dance

Right on cue for mid winter, a cold front arrived on Friday after a fairly pleasant week. This will bring the morning minimums down below 7 degrees so you’ll need to rug up for 6am sessions, the good news is it will be mostly dry. Prince Alfred pool temperature is 28 degrees and with the steam rising is delightful when it’s cold.

Sunrise: 06:54 (first light 6:29)

Sunset: 17:08 (last light 17:33)

See you at training

Jeff Sapier
Head Coach


View Jeff’s previous posts in the Weekly Wrap-Up Archive.

15th July 2013

04 weeks to City to Surf
09 weeks to ITU World Champs London
09 weeks to Sunshine Coast 70.3

10 weeks to Sydney Running Festival

Thanks to everyone who sent me their planned races for the coming season, the list is online now.

We have quite a few members racing in Port Macquarie 70.3 and Canberra 70.3 so a long course program begins this week for those events.

Congratulations to all those who competed in the Gold Coast running festival last week. Results can be seen here. We had a plethora of PB’s including Jennie Oswald, Gareth Chang and Denise Pereira in the half marathon and Bruce Flaherty had great result, also a PB, in the 10km event finishing 2nd place in his age group! Faith narrowly missed out on her best time and her target of running under 90 minutes, however I feel very confident we’ll see her break that milestone very soon.

End of Season Party and Club Championship Update

A reminder the STG End of Season Party is on next Saturday 20 July from 1pm. If you haven’t RSVP’d yet please do so now as we need to finalise the catering. Our annual presentations for club champion as well as most improved will done early so don’t be late. We’ll also be handing out special prizes for our grazed gladiators and those who otherwise managed to entertain us through the last 12 months in the STG Tarmac Awards.

This update of the STG Club Championships points table is based on results of all qualifying races up until the NSW Club Championships. Last year we introduced double points for Club Championships race, which means the table remains very open in the lead up.

Currently we have Faith Geraghty leading the women’s field having completed a grueling season with 6 races to date. Faith is on 4,521 points (1,130 average) which while strong, is not unassailable. In second place we find Cathy Verry who has also had a very strong season culminating in her qualification for Kona later this year. Cathy is currently on 4,302 (1,076 average) following her strong showing at the final Kurnell sprint race. Rounding out the top three is Fran Boase who is revealing the fruits of her hard work at training this season. Fran’s on 4,073 (1,018 average) and along with Cathy remain very much in contention for the top spot.

However just outside the top three we see Jennie Oswald and Catharine Fleming who have been rather stealthful in creeping up the table. Unfortunately, due to her heavy workload and extensive holiday commitments, Jennie pulled out of the Forster race, however Cat’s solid performance could very well see her with a podium challenge. Further along and by no means out of contention we find season newcomer Marijn Kamp who is on 3,194 (1,065 average) after 3 races and Shelley Maxwell-Smith 3,098 (1,033 average) after 2 races. Both performed well in Forster and so the pressure remains high. Alex Rudge will likely finish the season with only three qualifying races, Forster counting as two, which may come as a relief to the rest of the women’s field as Alex’s average might well have placed her in top spot.

Meanwhile in the men’s table, it should come as no surprise to see Steve Ellis has catapulted himself into the top spot after a very consistent season of high performance racing. Steve’s 4,650 (1,163 average) might require a herculean performance from the other contenders to knock him off. However tantalisingly close in second is perennial threat Nick Glozier 4,645 (1,161 average). I imagine Steve might sleep a little easier at night in the knowledge Nick did not compete at Club Champs this year so has effectively ended his tremendous season which featured a record 1,221 points for his Huskisson sprint race result. Some might recall that Steve didn’t compete at Club Championships either, he may have been unwell or perhaps he considers his hold on first place secure.

In third place we find Simon Hatlee 4,442 (1,111 average) who has shot up the table after his impressive Ironman debut in Melbourne. His result in Forster however showed some fatigue from that event and it will be interesting to see if he holds off a push from Nathan Bellgrove currently in fourth on 4,408 (1,102 average). Nathan’s also had a stellar season and was only just displaced from third by Simon after the Melbourne race.

Just outside the top four is last years placer Nick Cunningham 4,378 (1,094 average) and Rob Bruce 4,372 (1093 average), neither competed in Forster however Nick has one final chance to upset the apple cart from his Ironman Australia result. Just beyond them and by no means out of contention are Adam Lareau and Gary Maher. Part of the now infamous budgie smuggler crew, Adam’s had an injury-interrupted season which has prevented him from rightfully occupying a place further up the table. Gary was another one of the Ironman Australia competitors so could well make a late charge with his strong performance in Port Macquarie.

Breathing down their necks and yet to make up full compliment of 4 qualifying races is fellow budgie wearer Gareth Rydon on 3,125 (1,042 average). Gareth suffered that impressive broken wrist early in the season, which upset his mid season preparation. However his 1st place performance in Forster might well have been good enough to squeeze him into contention for a place.

The Cairns half and Ironman, will be the first race for STG’s 2013/14 season. Click here to see the latest published version of the table. Final club championship placing’s and awards will be revealed at the end of season party and the complete season table updated on the site shortly afterwards.

Sydney Weather

A return to milder winter temps this week, which is unusual for mid winter which is usually the coldest time of the year. No rain forecast either which will should be welcome news to anyone looking to ride in the mornings.

Sunrise: 06:59 (first light 6:31)

Sunset: 17:02 (last light 17:29)

See you at training

Jeff Sapier
Head Coach



8th July 2013

05 weeks to City to Surf
10 weeks to ITU World Champs London
10 weeks to Sunshine Coast 70.3

11 weeks to Sydney Running Festival


Brent (right) is racing the GC Marathon

Best of luck to those racing in the half and full marathon at the Gold Coast this weekend.

New Season

As we approach the new season we invite all members to notify us of their planned races for the year. The list will be published on the website for all to see and will be used to decide which races we’ll write official training programs for. Please either respond to the facebook post or email me by next weekend, include all races entered and the ones you intend to enter, also please update me with any changes over time so we can keep it up to date.


Noosa OD Training Program

For all the people who’ve entered an early season race, whether it’s Port Mac 70.3, Noosa or even Kurnell 1, time to kick off the doona and get back into your training routine.

This year Noosa OD is on 3rd November and being one of the more popular races on the calendar as well as among STG members, we’re launching the training program from 8th July. The first 5 crucial weeks of the 17-week program will be focussed on building your base fitness so you’ll be ready for the next phase, which will begin 12 weeks out from the race.

Note that all members paying for monthly unlimited also receive the program for major races such as Noosa and other popular events.


Prince Alfred Pool at Dawn

Monday Swim Sessions

As we advised in May, Monday AM and PM swim sessions were being trialled through June to see which one would prove the more popular and therefore continue. Many of you posted your preference on Facebook however, with the exception of a few hardy winter souls, unsurprisingly we saw very few of those same bodies in the pool where it counts.

Upon tallying the numbers we realised the results were inconclusive so there was no real actual winner …so far! Shaun and I have therefore decided to continue the experiment for the next 6 weeks in the hope we achieve a statistically significant result.

So if you haven’t yet got back in the pool to get your swimming back on track for the coming season now is the time to support your preferred sessions. Apart from Monday AM and PM we also have Wednesday AM aerobic session also at Prince Alfred which runs until 7:30am, possibly your best opportunity to swim over 3km in a session which is extremely beneficial if you want to improve. Cook and Philip Pool sessions remain at 7pm both Tuesday (speed) and Thursday (aerobic). Please bring pool buoy and band, hand paddles and fins where possible to every session.

Coaches Corner: Swim technique

The following is from the reigning Ironman world champion and all round nice guy Pete Jacobs, it supports why we promote bilateral breathing with low head position and the importance of the catch-up drill.

Pete Jacobs on Breathing Right

Breathing on both sides, also called “bilateral breathing,” allows you to change your breathing side throughout a race to accommodate for wind chop. It also means that, in training, you can breathe every three strokes, which will allow you to focus more on your stroke. 

Working on a more even stroke on both sides is also important. Being relaxed is very important in swimming, and timing your breath makes this a lot easier. Practice swimming catch-up drills, where you leave one arm out in front until the other hand hits the water. But don’t become a snail: keep your arms moving at a normal pace, just pause in front longer. This will help you work on your rhythm. 

Another thing to keep in mind, when it comes to breathing, is to be sure not to breathe too early. Tilt your head to the side as your shoulders roll, then breathe under your armpit as your arm is coming over in recovery. Then, as your hand hits the water and your shoulders roll back, take your head with you. Breathing is easier if you look back at a 45 degree angle under your arm and make sure that the crown of your head points forward, not up. The aim is to get your mouth out of the water, not your eyes.

Good luck, Pete Jacobs

Sydney Weather

At last, after all that rain we have typical seasonal cool dry sunny days, perfect for outdoor pursuits. This coming week will hopefully provide more of the same but with the odd shower thrown in. Mornings will remain crisp, which means Prince Alfred Pool will feel like a spa!


Walk of Shame

Sunrise: 07:00 (first light 6:33)

Sunset: 16:59 (last light 17:26)

See you at training

Jeff Sapier
Head Coach



1st July 2013

01 week to GC Running Festival
06 weeks to City to Surf
11 weeks to ITU World Champs London
12 weeks to Sydney Running Festival

We’ve arrived at the second half of 2013 which means everyone’s favourite grand tour begins this weekend and I for one, can’t wait.

Well done to everyone who participated in the time-trials last week, the results for both run and swim time-trials can now be seen at this link.


Faith hurtling by in the Waiheke Island Vineyards Race

Congratulations to Faith Geraghty, Gary Maher, Gareth Chang, Jennie Oswald and Denise Pereira who all achieved PB’s in the run TT. Faith’s time was the fastest female time ever set by an STG member, an amazing accomplishment and testament to the amount of effort she’s put into her run training during the off season.

In the swim time-trials we had standout performances from Alex Rudge, Will Walker, Matt Birch and Dani Barclay who all recorded their first TT’s or in Matt’s case, first in a while. Alex deserves a special mention taking out top spot on the table with a 15 min zero sec swim, averaging a very slick 1’30” per 100m.

Goal Setting

After last week’s piece on the importance of base training during the off-season, I thought it appropriate to discuss another important pre-season objective; goal and target setting.

Do you have a goal? When a coach asks this, the usual response is “I want to get faster”, however we consider this as more of a wish. For this wish to become a goal, it needs to be broken down into measurable components;

  • In which discipline?
  • By how much?
  • By when or which race?

A goal also needs to be realistic and supported by a strategy to achieve it. Other good questions to ask yourself are; what will deem this coming season a success?  And what is the greatest accomplishment you’d like to achieve as an athlete or triathlete? Knowing precisely what you want is as critical to success in sport as it is in life.

For more on setting yourself challenging goals read this article;

The best way to find motivation to work harder at one discipline is to set yourself an intermediate goal. This could be an upcoming time trial or an official event such as an ocean swim, a marathon or a cycle event and train hard for this. Anyone who was in Port Macquarie for the recent Ironman Australia would have noticed Gary Maher come off the 180km hilly bike leg in 5:29 and follow it up with a 3:33 marathon. This was no accident in form, earlier in the season Gary had set himself the goal of completing the gruelling 3 Peaks cycle event and had spent a lot of time building his riding and climbing endurance with this in mind.

The Three Peaks ride is an arduous 235km, 13-hour time limit cycle challenge held in the picturesque Victorian Alps. It takes its name from the 3 long steep climbs of Tawonga Gap, Mt Hotham and Falls Creek.


This year’s Tour de France features abundant mountain stages

The recently announced Sydney to Newcastle Challenge is another epic ride that will take in more than a few hills in a 170km meander to the country’s most populous non-capital. It will be held on 16th February, one week prior to the Huskisson weekend so not ideal if you want to do well in the Long Course event.

Of course the ultimate challenge has to remain Ironman, which incorporates a marathon after a similar distant ride to

those above. If you find yourself dreaming of ever completing one, even if it’s in 2015 or 2016, now is the time to turn it into a realistic goal by setting some intermediate milestones in the coming season.

No matter what you do, I can assure you the challenges you set will be something to fondly reminisce for the rest of your life.

Sydney Weather

I’ll resist the temptation to talk about weather, I mean we all know it’s rained a lot. The fact that nearly 300mm has fallen over 15 dark days in June, double the monthly average means nothing right? It’s wet and unpleasant. Tuesday we might look forward to slightly less rain. See you at the pool.


Still missing, last seen running in Port Macquarie circa 2011

Sunrise: 07:00 (first light 6:33)

Sunset: 16:57 (last light 17:23)

Jeff Sapier
Head Coach


24th June

Welcome to the Winter Solstice

Sunset-from-Sydney-Observatory-on-28-July-2006_Nick-LombAt around 3pm today, on it’s annual saunter around the solar system, our planet will position itself so the sun is at it’s most northern relative position in the sky. The word solstice derives from the latin ‘sol-stitium’ meaning ‘sun stays still’, the Romans thought this was pretty important and had a week-long celebration called Saturnalia during which all wars had to stop and courts did not try criminals. At STG we believe its worth celebrating too, it means our prime training hours will slowly but surely get lighter, and although we’ve got some cold yet to deal with, getting out of bed will eventually become easier and that’s got to be a good thing, right?

Photo Nick Lomb, Sydney Observatory

Please note the running festival program for the Sydney Half Marathon and 9km bridge run have begun this week. To receive the program members just need to upgrade to the monthly unlimited pass for $147. You needn’t wait till July to do this, as a one off this month we will accept pro-rata payment for the remainder of June. Contact Jeff to arrange this.

Off Season Training


Photo: Papa Smurf show’s how to dress for the season


 Papa Smirf Crop

In winter we transfer to an off-season training program. This essential period involves;

  • Working on and improving your weakest discipline
  • Reinforcing and maintaining your aerobic fitness
  • Honing your swimming technique
  • Strength training

These are the areas that make up your ¬base fitness and means that you will be ready to increase your load and intensity by the time the new race season rolls around. The fact that the off-season cycle program is now working in more aerobic or ‘T2’ zone rather than anaerobic ‘T4’ is an essential part of this.

Failing to follow an adequate off-season training plan is the biggest mistake an athlete can make. Training with the same intensity throughout the year is a surefire ticket to injury and chronic fatigue, while conversely not training enough in the off-season, means your current high base fitness will diminish rapidly and you will feel sluggish when you start training for the early races next season. This will only serve frustration at not being able to improve on past performances and you’ll most likely injure yourself.

Working on your weakest leg is the best way to improve for future events. For many of us this is swimming and although you’ll work hard to achieve a one-minute improvement in the swim leg of your next race, remember that this also leads to a much faster bike & run legs as you’ll be far less fatigued coming out of the water.

If you’re hoping to do well at the City to Surf or the Sydney Running Festival follow the relevant run program to help build your speed and endurance. Group long runs at the leisurely time of 7:30 on Sunday morning have also been introduced during the colder months.

Think of strength training as your “injury insurance” for the coming season, Shaun’s Friday morning run/strength sessions in the Domain will develop your core strength and assist your power to weight ratio. Yoga sessions are also a great way to keep your body strong and flexible for the rigors of the next triathlon season.

If you’re going to the gym take it easy, there’s a lot of literature around that suggests a triathlete can benefit in the off-season from a structured weight training program, however lifting heavy weights will work against everything your doing in training. High repetitions using lighter weights is far better, focusing on compound muscle groups rather than isolating muscles like body builders often do. For swimming, the upright row and straight arm pull downs using a bar on a pulley system will help build your strength for catch and recovery. A rowing machine is great for cycling as it engages a very similar set of muscles. Core work like squats, lunges, sit-ups and back extensions will help all three disciplines whilst protecting you from injury.

It’s important to note that our best athletes have got where they are through building a strong base during the off-season – ask them! They, like you, weren’t born fast, they persevered through the winter months, consistently turning up on cold, dark & wet mornings and slowly but surely improved their technique and become stronger and therefore faster.

For more on building a solid aerobic base fitness please read this article;

Photo: Missing! Have you seen this man? distinguishing features include enormous left hand.

Liston Hand

Sydney Weather

We can expect a bit of rain this weekend to go with the sub 10 degree mornings and 16 degree maximums, next week a few more showers and temps 1-2 degrees milder – it’s properly winter, rug up!

Sunrise: 07:01 (first light 6:33)
Sunset: 16:55 (last light 17:21)

Jeff Sapier – Head Coach


17th JUNE

Hello and welcome,

this is the first weekly update published on STG’s glistening new website. This area will be updated regularly with STG messages, race reports, announcements, photos, coaching tips, links to results and anything else cool.

I’d like to take this first opportunity to catch up on recent happenings around the club.

Future Champions

Congratulations to Kate and Dougal Guthrie who gave birth to “Phillipa Kate” on 30th April. Apparently Mum’s doing fine, Dad’s over the moon and young Jimmy’s learning to adapt.

Congratulations also to Nicola and Steve Ellis who were exceptionally efficient in producing their first born “Leilani Rose”.

So long, goodbye and thanks for all the drinks

Sadly we bid farewell to Libby Rogers, STG member since 2008. Libs has taken an opportunity to continue her blossoming career from London. Her enthusiasm and wisdom will be greatly missed and we wish Libby well for her future endeavors including the ITU World Championships in London.

We also said goodbye to Marijn Kamp who went home to wear her clogs around the windmill. It might have been one brief season, but her infectious spirit will stay with us for a long time. We wish her all the best for her future athletic adventures.

Cairns 70.3