STG WRAP-UP: 27 May 2014

Hi Team

Welcome to the STG wrap-up.

2 weeks to Cairns 70.3

11 weeks to City to Surf

16 weeks to Sunshine Coast 70.3

City to Surf Program starts next week

The 10 week STG City to Surf squad program officially kicks off next week.  If you’re on a monthly program you’ll receive the weekly City to Surf program detailing sessions to complete throughout the week, and the paces to complete them at.  The 3 x squad runs (Wednesday track, Friday hills and Sunday long run) will all be geared towards this race.  If you’ve been struggling with motivation since the weather went South this is a great way to kick start you back into training.

For details of training passes or to view the timetable click on the links below:

Training passes


Upcoming Squad programs

Based on the feedback from our current monthly pass holders, in addition to the off season program which is currently underway we will be writing squad programs for the following upcoming races:

  • City to Surf
  • Sunshine Coast 70.3

And later in the year:

  • Noosa
  • Western Sydney 70.3

As per usual we will also have an ongoing Sprint/Olympic distance program which will kick off in August when the off season program finishes.

Make sure you let me know what races you are planning to do so I can add you name to the race list.  This helps us determine what races we will write squad programs for.  If we get enough people doing a race we will write a program for it.

Ironman Australia – 4 May 2014

zzzzzzz Daniel will Jeff & Mick zzzzzzzzz zzz zzzz zzzzzz

Pre-race dinner: Brent, Will W, Brett, Steve, Daniel, Shelley
Daniel at the start line
Ride shots: Will J, Jeff & Mick, Shelley
Post-race celebrations: Mick, Shelley & Nick, Daniel & Jeff

11 of the STG crew recently headed to Port Macquarie to compete in the 2014 Australian Ironman.  This included a mix of seasoned Ironman competitors such as Nick Cunningham, Steve Ellis, Jeff Sapier, Gezz Sarkozy, Mick Elliott and Shelley Maxwell-Smith as well as Ironman virgins Will Walker, Ray Au Yeung, Daniel Buttard, Will Johnson and Brent Ebert.

The Port Macquarie course is not a fast one compared to Melbourne, Busselton or Cairns and conditions were not ideal due to a strong wind but Nick C and Steve E still managed PBs of 10:10 and 10:11 respectively which is a testament to the work they have put in over many seasons.  These times would have easily been sub 10 hours on any other course in Australia.

Our only female entrant, Shelley Maxwell-Smith, followed up a solid 6 months of training with a PB in her second Ironman.  She was also only a few minutes off her stand-alone marathon PB which was impressive.

Of the newbies, Will Walker was first across the line with a sub 11 hour effort followed closely by Ray Au Yeung who had a ding dong battle with Coach Jeff Sapier.  The lead changed hands a few times in the run with Ray managing to hold off Jeff by the smallest of Ironman margins.

Full STG results from the day are as follows:

Name Swim T1 Ride T2 Run Total
Nick Cunningham 0:56:23 0:02:47 5:43:09 0:01:39 3:26:38 10:10:36
Steve Ellis 1:03:32 0:04:59 5:47:53 0:02:42 3:12:24 10:11:30
Will Walker 0:51:28 0:03:46 5:34:43 0:03:51 4:12:26 10:46:14
Ray Au Yeung 1:00:05 0:06:33 5:52:15 0:04:52 3:59:30 11:03:15
Jeff Sapier 1:05:00 0:06:22 5:46:04 0:05:07 4:04:22 11:06:55
Gezz Sarkozy 1:04:47 0:03:53 6:27:11 0:04:15 4:29:48 12:09:54
Daniel Buttard 1:12:47 0:07:39 6:07:47 0:04:13 4:42:14 12:14:40
Mick Elliott 1:05:15 0:05:19 6:40:20 0:03:53 4:38:10 12:32:57
Will Johnson 1:13:20 0:06:58 6:49:03 0:06:40 4:18:50 12:34:51
Shelley Maxwell-Smith 1:24:04 0:05:27 7:01:46 0:06:40 4:06:40 12:44:37
Brent Ebert 1:09:00 0:06:02 6:46:55 0:06:03 5:23:14 13:31:14

Fastest swim – Will Walker 51:28

Fastest T2 – Nick Cunningham 2:47

Fastest Ride – Will Walker 5:34

Fastest T3 – Nick Cunningham 1:39 (that’s fast)

Fastest Run – Steve Ellis 3:12

What does this tell us?  Transitions are an area where time is easy made up or lost and Nick Cunningham’s slick transitions are a testament to this.  They ultimately enabled him to edge out Steve for STG line honours.

Congratulations to the Ironman crew who put in a huge effort on the training track and who all did us proud on race day. You are now Ironmen!

Also, thanks to everyone who made the trip up to support those racing.  I know it was greatly appreciated.

Mick Elliott, Daniel Buttard, Will Johnson, Bent Ebert, Will Walker and I’m guessing Nick Cunningham are all signed up for more punishment next year in various Ironman races so if you’ve been thinking about taking the plunge you’ll have some partners for the journey.

Busselton 70.3 – 3 May 2014

Congratulations to Jeremy Foote and Gareth Chang who both cracked the 5 hour mark at Busselton 70.3 on 3 May 2014.  They’ve both trained the house down leading up to the race and were in good form so no surprises.  Their full results follow:

Name Swim T1 Ride T2 Run Total
Jeremy Foote 0:36:48 0:02:15 2:29:39 0:01:46 1:37:43 4:48:11
Gareth Chang 0:29:42 0:02:42 2:31:37 0:01:24 1:49:44 4:55:09

SMH Half Marathon – 18 May 14

The SMH Half Marathon was held in perfect conditions on 18 May.  This is a very challenging but equally picturesque course and a must do race at some stage in your racing career.

It was great to see two former STG champions Nicola Ellis and Kate Guthrie team up and make a comeback in the relay event.  STG results below:

Name Total
Shaun Wadham 1:23
Matt Malady 1:28
Simon Hatlee 1:39
Matt Sanders 1:42
Anna Wilcox 1:43
Phil Cameron 1:45
Ciara Lui 1:46
Nicola Ellis/Kate Guthrie 1:43
Team Flaherty 1:48

Nic Simon z zz

Nicola, Simon H, Matt M, Shaun, Kate & Nicola

If you’ve been hiding from the cold it’s not going away so rug up and get yourself to training.

See you there!