STG WRAP-UP: 25 November 2013

Matt Malady impersonating a lumberjack impersonating a triathlete

02 weeks to Ironman WA

02 weeks to Callala Beach Classic

03 weeks to Canberra 70.3

08 weeks to Auckland 70.3

08 weeks to Kurnell Race 2

10 weeks to Challenge Melbourne 70.3

13 weeks to Huskisson Tri Festival

Hi team,

Congratulations to Dave Adler who ran a personal best time of 1:33:31, Matt Malady executing a clinical 1:27:13 and Alex Rogers who smashed out a 1:13:43 in the Central Coast Half Marathon earlier today.

Huskisson Long Course competitors might be interested to know a 13 week race specific program will begin this week. To receive a training program you need to be either on the premium or squad program package (monthly unlimited). Note all monthly pass payments are due by the 5th of each month.

ES Marks Track and Field

Centennial Park when it was in nappies

Anyone who’s been to Wednesday’s track session over the past few weeks will be familiar with the repair work to the field and the resultant large platform and protective mat permanently parked on top of the track. These works were supposed to be completed last Tuesday. In a response to an enquiry letter from STG, the manager in charge has responded with a range of responses. One being that the fires in Sydney held up delivery of critical machinery before the wet weather caused further delays and that my suggestion of removing or reducing the gate charge during the works would render the facility in-operable. Sadly I did not receive any notification of when the work is now due to be completed and allow us to resume training safely on a track without hazards like a flapping blanket with which to hurdle. He did however continue to casually mention that the track will be closed on Wednesday 27th November and another couple of days as part of the ongoing project.

So the STG track session this Wednesday will be back at Mackay Field in Centennial Park. Usual time of 7pm. See following map for exact location, meet near the pavilion.

Somewhere in this 13 degree Auckland harbour is Faith Geraghty doing it for Ireland


In last weeks wrap the wetsuit rule I reported applied to Elite, Open, Under 23 and Junior competitors only. For under 19 and age-group competitors the temperature above which wetsuits are banned is 24 degrees for all distances. It is mandatory below 14 deg up to 1500m, 15 deg up to 3000m and 16 deg above 3000m. Thanks Steve Ellis for pointing out the error.

Triathlon Australia Race Competition Rule 2.5

Did you know …?

A competitor could be shown a yellow or red card in a race for disposing their goggles or swim cap anywhere on the course apart from at their place in transition out of the way and not interfering with other competitors progress.

Sydney Training Weather

More unsettled days ahead with possible showers spread across the week. Conditions possibly best suited to the England cricket team. Temps in the mid to high 20’s.

Sunrise: 05:39 (first light 05:11)

Sunset: 19:44 (last light 20:12)

Bondi Water Temp: Perfectly swimmable at 20 degrees

See you at training.

Jeff Sapier
Head Coach