STG WRAP-UP: 23 December 2013

Christmas and New Year Edition

04 weeks to Auckland 70.3

04 weeks to Kurnell Race 2

04 weeks to Nowra OD

06 weeks to Challenge Melbourne 70.3

09 weeks to Huskisson Tri Festival

Hi team,

Welcome to summer solstice and the last edition of the Wrap-Up for 2013, what a year it’s been!

At the start of the year we saw STG well represented at all of the Sydney Sprint series at Kurnell. We had huge contingent race Huskisson in February including a 21-strong field in the Long Course event. Towards the end of the tri season we had a near record number compete for STG at NSW Club Championships in Forster, we overpopulated Wollongong and Calalla Beach and raced each other at the Ironman Australia in Port Macquarie. Shelley, Libby and Dani qualified and raced the 2013 ITU World Championships in London while Cathy inspired us all racing the race of races in Kona.

Faith in her famed tri-suit

During the off-season many of you swapped your Cranks for laces and landed some impressive times at the various the running festivals and marathons. After settling in to a great new swim location at PAP, we celebrated 2013 club champions Steve and Faith at the end of season big bash at Ravesi’s before training up for the season openers Port 70,3 and Noosa OD.

Alex Rudge set the fastest swim time, Steve set a new club 5km run record whilst Shaun remains the quickest on two wheels over 25.5km with a time set in October 2011. We said goodbye to some popular members who moved overseas and interstate and a few of us had some unfortunate mishaps on the bike whilst racing, training or commuting. Lee (General) Liston surprised us all by turning up to a session and somewhere in Centennial Park is a very bruised, ill tempered, cyclist-hating possum!

Lastly, while we were busy launching a new STG website and online kit ordering portal, many of you were busy getting engaged, marrying, buying houses and creating a few more mini-me triathletes !

At least that’s my recollection anyway.

Sante Daniel!

A reminder that we have a slightly reduced timetable of training sessions running over the Xmas and New Year period. We hope you’ll continue training with us over the festive break since it’s not just a great opportunity to get some good training done, it’s also a lot more fun and social without the pressures of work for most of us.



Monday, 23 December 2013

6am Swim @ PAP

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

6am Cycle @ Centennial Park

Wednesday, 25 December 2013

No Sessions

Thursday, 26 December 2013

No Sessions

Friday, 27 December 2013

No Sessions

Saturday, 28 December 2013

6:30am Ride/Run @ Centennial Park

Sunday, 29 December 2013

6am Cycle – Destination TBA

Monday, 30 December 2013

6am Swim @ PAP

Tuesday, 31 December 2013

6am Cycle @ Centennial Park

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

No Sessions

Thursday, 2 January 2014

Normal sessions resume

Time Trials

Thanks to all those who completed time-trials in the last few weeks. We saw some great results particularly in the pool. It’s no coincidence that PB’s were recorded for the following people as they are among the most regular swimmers at our squad sessions. Congratulations to Matt Malady, Dani Barclay, Nick Glozier, Jaime Hincapie, Faith Geraghty, Natalie Peters and Denise Pereira whom all swam personal best 1km times last week. The swim TT table has been updated and can be seen at;

Alex demonstrating her skills in other pursuits

A smaller sample completed the run TT however we still saw PB’s from David Adler and Nick Richardson. The run TT table will be updated online shortly.

On 7th December we held a bike TT in the park, well done to Mat Birch, who as far as I can tell has evaded every bike TT since February 2011, but turned up out of the blue and recorded a new PB in near perfect conditions. A best time was also set for Amelia (Millie) Maxwell, with a much improved time of 0:43:18, Millie has moved up to 5th fastest STG female of all time and I firmly believe we can look forward to even quicker times from her next year.

The updated bike TT table can be seen at;

Shelley setting her Bros playlist to repeat

Centennial Park Oxford Street Cycleway Project

A consultation project for a dedicated cycle lane running along Oxford St on the North side of Centennial Park has been launched. This is good news for us Eastern Suburbs based cyclists and is well overdue. The path will mostly run outside and adjacent to the park perimeter, however the proposed route will also run inside the Woollahra gate as a priority cycle lane. This means cyclists and motorists within the park will need to give way to cyclists on the cycleway at this point. Read more about the proposal and have your say at;

Anyone riding through Centennial Park in the early evening, please note the one-way direction of Carrington Drive (gate-to-gate road) after 5pm each day of the Moonlight Cinema season. Centennial Park states that you can still enjoy riding through this part of the park at this time, however be aware that there have been a number of incidents occurring with cyclists riding against the flow of traffic after 5pm. Please respect other users of the park.

All I want for Christmas is…?

The following article is the first I’ve seen that compares the value of upgrading your race kit in terms of potential benefit versus cost. Time-saving data is based on wind resistance only, so further reductions can be calculated in if you include the bling factor. This purely psychological element allows you to truly believe you look like a pro while at the same time unnerving your competition. Remember the best way to improve your times is usually transition, this costs nothing.

I just had a dig around under the Christmas tree for a large pointy object that might be my new aero helmet, I guess it must be on its way home today.

Sydney Training Weather

My weather app is telling me a shower or two might punctuate Christmas week. My advice is to ignore that, temperatures will be mid to high twenties all week.

Sunrise: 05:41 (first light 05:12)

Sunset: 20:06 (last light 20:35)

Bondi Water Temp: Remains at 20 degrees, should only get warmer from here.

On behalf of STG I wish you all a very happy, enjoyable and safe Christmas and New Year.

Possums beware!

Shaun and I look forward to sharing a successful, happy and prosperous 2014 with you all.

Jeff Sapier
Head Coach