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03 weeks to Port Macquarie 70.3

05 weeks to Noosa OD

09 weeks to Western Sydney 70.3


For those on monthly multisport pass, programs are updated in Training Peaks (there were on Monday actually).


Jindabyne Training Camp

We have 14 confirmed starters and 10 maybes (see list below) for the STG Jindabyne Training Camp which kicks off on 7 Jan.  There is still time to jump on board if you are keen to come along – The more the merrier!  More information about the camp can be found in the link below.  It’s also open to non STG members.

Jindabyne Camp
Daniel Buttard
Matt Birch
Nick Mercer
Nikki Mercer
Anna Wilcox
Marcello Mazza
Faith Geraghty
Faith’s mum
Nick Cunningham
Harry Cunningham
Libby Rogers
Alex Rogers
Jeff Sapier
Gareth Chang
Mick Elliott
Simon Hatlee
Phil Cameron
Steve Ellis
Matt Malady
Campbell Fuller
Denise Pereira
Gary Maher
Alex Rudge
Dave Adler


Hypoxic Training in Swim Sessions

We have been doing some drills at swimming recently which require you to take 3, 5 and 7 strokes before taking a breath.  I came across this article which explains very well why we do this type of training.  Whilst there may be some minor benefits to fitness achieved via this type of swimming because you are throwing something different at the body, the real benefits lie elsewhere.  Even at the elite swimming level, if a stroke flaw is going to occur it is most likely to occur when going to take a breath. Cross-overs, over-rotation, scissor kicks, pushing down on the water during the catch and loss of stroke rhythm are all issues triggered and exacerbated when breathing.  By breathing less during 3/5/7 drills you get the opportunity to practise good stroke technique without the distraction of breathing so that when you do breathe these good motor patterns are more likely to stick.  This type of training also teaches you to relax should you be prevented from breathing such as in the ocean when you might have to go under a wave or in an open water race when you get swum over.


Stroke Correction Clinic

We still have 3 spots left for the upcoming Stroke Correction/Development Clinic which starts on 11 October.  This is the last clinic we will run before Feb next year so if you’ve been thinking of doing it now is the time.

Under water video analysis, which is offered in the course is a crucial tool in understanding what flaws you have in your stroke.  I can tell you a 100 times what you are doing wrong and you might not get it but I can guarantee you’ll get it first time if I show you a video of yourself swimming.


See you at training.