STG WRAP-UP: 2 December 2013

01 week to Ironman WA

01 week to Callala Beach Classic and Club distance

02 weeks to Canberra 70.3

07 weeks to Auckland 70.3

07 weeks to Kurnell Race 2

09 weeks to Challenge Melbourne 70.3

12 weeks to Huskisson Tri Festival

Hi team,

December already! summer is now official.

Congratulation to the few who swam in the Bondi to Bronte swim this weekend. Depending on who you speak to they either braved 20m tsunami’s and sub zero cyclonic winds or perfectly calm, flat, smooth and warm ocean conditions. Word around Bondi is that the event was won in record time so you be the judge. Unfortunately results are not yet published at the time of writing but if you did swim and would like your time recorded in next week’s wrap, then please send them to me.

Swim Technique

arm-collapseThis swimmer is doing what many poor swimmers do, leaning on the front arm whilst breathing. A better swimmer will hold their arm straight in front of their lead shoulder in this position, why?

Best answers, yes there are at least 5 reasons, will be published next in week’s edition. Sorry no prizes.



A fortunate outcome to a most unfortunate incident occurred at STG’s brick session in the park on Saturday. One of our riders left a rather large impression in the door of a vehicle that crossed the cycle lane without correctly giving way to all cyclists coming through from behind. This type of accident happens far too frequently in the park since many motorists simply don’t know how to deal with a large volume of cyclists and a cycle lane that gives cyclists right of way.

Shelley imprintSo whilst your riding it’s paramount to stay ever vigilant, ‘scanning’ ahead and behind helps you foresee any potential situations so you can adjust your position accordingly, this usually means getting off your aero bars and setting up your brakes. A car slowing down before an exit for instance, should trigger you to set up brakes in case you need to slow down quickly. If that same vehicle does happen to cross in front of you, then perhaps turning with the car may be a better option if you’re traveling too fast to stop in time. This way, even if you do collide, the momentum at impact will be far less than a straight T-bone. Unfortunately calling out to the driver of an enclosed vehicle, as you would another cyclist, is unlikely to have any affect on their behavoir. Far better for you to focus on setting yourself up so you can alter your trajectory if required, it’s pretty much the only thing you can control.

Miraculously this incident was a rare case of cyclist comes off best, as can be seen from the image, our member was extremely lucky to avoid serious injury. Having trained with STG for many years she is a very experienced cyclist and there was likely very little she could have done differently. Her bike was fine too!

IM Busso Swim
Swimmers heading out along the famous pier of Busselton

Best of luck to Nick Cunningham and Sarah Webb who will be crossing to the other side of the desert this week to compete in the WA Ironman in Busselton next Sunday. Also all those competitors heading to Calalla Bay for the Classic and Club distance events.

ES Marks Track and Field Update

On request we received further notification regarding the schedule of works at the track:

Through to December 8th – irrigation and drainage works.

December 9th onwards – Turf laying.

December 13th – Turf laying concludes and track matting removed.

January 17th – review turf uptake with a view to removing fence.

(please note these dates are best case scenario which may be affected by inclement weather)

Did you know …?

Rule 3.9 on Drafting

For all non-drafting events up to and including 40km cycle distance, the draft zone is a rectangle 7m long and 3m wide from the front wheel of bicycle (or motorcycle), competitors have 15 seconds to pass through this zone. Races greater than 40km this zone extends to 12m in length and competitors have 25 seconds to pass through.

A bicycle is considered approximately 2m in length so it may be easier to subtract 2m from either of the above and estimate that from the rear of the back wheel instead.

Sydney Training Weather

In a word “summery”. By midweek temps should be in the mid to high 20’s. A change bringing rain on Thursday should hopefully clear away in time for the weekend.

Sunrise: 05:37 (first light 05:08)

Sunset: 19:51 (last light 20:19)

Bondi Water Temp: 20 degrees

See you at training.

Jeff Sapier
Head Coach