STG Coaches Comments – 1st June Sam Douglas

What a month we have had, May saw STG athletes compete in The Australian Ironman, Byron Bay Tri, Port Stephens Tri and Sydney Half marathon just to mention a few and those that didn’t compete were knuckling down and training hard. May made me a happy coach, with lots of PB’s and great race results what else could I ask for. Good results are earnt in the off season by the time the race season comes around you need to have the hard work in the bank, ready to withdraw on race day.

This hard work is now coupled with cold mornings and nights, but as Nathan Bellgrove said this morning “It’s character building”. Triathlon as you know isn’t an easy sport but it is easier if you’re prepared and have done the hard work. Don’t let the season creep up on you, get that hard work done over winter and use the race season for maintenance and enjoy racing at your best, rather than chasing fitness while trying to play catch up.

June will bring colder weather but don’t let that deter you. Make sure you prepare what you are going to wear the night before we ride, run and swim. Our brick sessions will be mixed up this month and we will complete a duathlon at the end of June, there will also be a Saturday City to Surf training run just to mix things up a little. I have plenty of FREE entries for the Blackmores Running Festival so stay tuned to win.

The winter running series and events can be seen on STG Facebook. Make sure you enter the Sydney Duathlon (30th July) soon and the Bowral Classic (22nd Oct) as these will fill up. The Training plan will also be planned around these key club events. Next Monday 5th June  I will kick off the “Night With” series 6.30pm at Mickeys on Oxford St, come along for some advice on Training Peaks, the 10 percenters and a few tips on motivation and consistency. Bring your iPad, laptop and garmin’s/watches and any questions. I hope to see you there.

Congratulations on a solid month of training and racing, let’s keep it going right through winter.