Check out our STG Cuore Kit

It’s with great excitement to announce we launched into a partnership with Cuore by swiss design with a cycling and triathlon club kit I’m sure you’ll be all proud and happy to wear for both training and racing. By combining with Cuore you’ll no doubt feel the benefits in clothing that are usually reserved for the pro’s and the trial group testing of the cycle kit at Velothon Sunshine Coast, albeit not the fittest group of men, came through with resoundingly positive feedback. Coupled with the pricing should see all STG members in the new attire for the upcoming season.

Just to refresh you we had three main objectives with the new kit

  • respect the history – red/black/white and horizontal bands
  • safety – especially training in winter
  • consistency – enable old pieces to integrate seamlessly with the new

This is by no means a static offer, as time will see us branch off into other new and unchartered waters once we become abreast of whats happening in the athlete, design, product and fashion side of triathlon.

With the new design the main changes are

  • tweaked logo by removing the outer oval
  • three horizontal stripes alternating
  • three horizontal stripes added to the tri gear

One of the big factors in selecting Cuore was the ability for members to try on pieces before committing to purchase. Drew and Michael at Cuore are fully across the fact they might have a few visitors over the next two weekends to try and test sizes before you log on the portal to purchase. In fact, they’ll even be able to process your order at the office if you so desire.

If unsure of any sizing, please drop into Cuore at the below address. it’s a short 5-7min stroll from Redfern station.

CUORE of Switzerland
Unit 2/81 Buckland Street 
Alexandria 2015 NSW 

Email. Phone. +614 29 129 461

As a word of caution, I would encourage anyone looking at a tri suit to go and tri it on first!


To date we’ve included the below items;

Cycle kit

  • Silver race Jersey (with comms pocket and reflective)
  • Silver Bib (with Gold Chamois)
  • Silver vest –
  • Gold 2 in 1 suit


  • tri top
  • Tri shorts
  • gold 2 in 1 tri suit (short sleeves)

Our offer isn’t restricted to these items, but and additional pieces will require design and small quantities costs to make. Where the committee sees a need we will add items to the shop.

Another big advantage of Cuore is the ability to add or subtract length from the body, arms or legs (+2cm, +4cm, +6cm or – 2cm, -4cm, -6cm) of the garment. Upon check out you will see this function, and like above if you feel your not achieving a perfect fitting parent then i suggest to go along to Cuore and try on the different options available.

For all the many of you that helped contribute to the design (you know who you are), thanks for your contributions both positive and negative, I think you’ll all agree with me the final product has come out as a resounding success.

Here’s to a comfortable and fast season.

(Also check Mick out down at Athlete’s Foot for some shoe advice)

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