Interview with an Athlete

Full Name
Gareth Rydon

18 May 1983

South Africa…

Management Consulting / Part time Ufologist (google it, it is awesome!)

What do you like about STG?
Being brand new to triathlon, I really like that I can ask anyone in the club questions about the sport, no matter how dumb

Marital Status
In a relationship (9 years, pressure is on to take the plunge!!)

Plans for 2012 sporting wise
Really looking forward to the off season actually and am planning on spending a lot of time on the bike. Then training to compete in Noosa for the first time, which I have been told is awesome!

Favourite session and why?
Track on Wednesday night, as it is one of the sessions that I notice has the biggest impact on my results. When I get a number of consecutive weeks there my running times drop considerably in my races.

Skiing & Triathlon

Favorite Food
Nothing better than anything cooked on my Webber BBQ!

What is the most treasured thing you own?
My stuffed animal collection, just kidding, probably my one year old French Bulldog puppy Gaston.

Favorite movies
All time favorite is Old School, followed closely by Anchorman and Wedding Crashers – you can probably gather that I am a massive Will Ferrell Fan!

Finish this sentence. Going to training is easy because …
it is part of my daily routine now.

Pet hates/Dislikes
Not a massive fan of cats

If you could be any animal what would it be & why?
A family dog would be pretty sweet – basing this on my dog’s life at the moment: wake up, get taken for a walk, sleep, eat, sleep, eat. Pretty sweet life!

Favourite song of all time
All time is a big call, at the moment I am really into The Glitch Mob.

Favourite article of clothing
My skii’s – does that count as clothing?

Favourite superhero
Fonz from Happy Days

If you could go back in time what era would you visit first
Wouldn’t mind spending a bit of time in the 60s, seemed like a pretty good time to kick back at a few music festivals.

If you could take anyone on a date, who would it be?
Kylie Minogue

Do you have a training tip for us?
Listen to your body, if it is telling you need to ease up on training – ease up! It is far better to have an uninterrupted block of consistent training than smashing yourself, getting injured and then not being able to train!