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This section contains health and fitness related articles written by us as well as links to articles on others sites.

General Training


Swimming Squad Code of Ethics
This article is about the ethics to be adopted when squad training in swimming pools.

Understanding the Freestyle Swim Stroke
This article explains the technique of freestyle swimming.


Bunch Riding Rules
This article lists the dos and don’ts when riding in a cycle pack.

Criteria for Attending Sunday Ride
This article lists the minimum standards to be achieved prior to attending the Sunday long-ride sessions.


STG Race Nutrition Analysis Calculator
This spreadsheet determines the required rate of intake of carbohydrates and fluids for various race durations based on your body weight.

This article provides information on how much and what type of protein we should be consuming on a daily basis.

Protein. Are You Getting Enough?
Australian Institute of Sport article.

The Importance of Calcium
This article explains why calcium is important for good health and what our daily calcium requirements are.

Carbohydrates – GI, Sports Performance & Weight Loss
This article will give you an idea of what type of carbohydrates we should be consuming and how much we should be consuming on a day to day basis as well as before, during and after exercise and races.

The Importance of Iron
This article explains why iron is important for good health and what our daily iron requirements are.

More information on iron can be found at:


Running well in a Triathlon
This article provides you with practical advice on how to run well off the bike in a triathlon.

Essential Triathlon Tips
This article provides practical tips in relation to competing in triathlons and is particularly useful for beginners.

General Training

Goal Setting and Base Training
This article provides good advice on how to set training goals so that you stick to a training program as well as advice on the type of training you should do at the beginning of a program.

The Key to Endurance Fitness
This article provides you with advice on how to best improve your aerobic fitness in the initial stages of a program.